Security Turrets are a stationary enemy encountered in the Honey Factory. Bearing high defense, damaging multi-hit missiles, and the ability to inflict numb, the turrets make for dangerous foes despite their unimpressive-at-first-glance HP.

Security Turrets are among the earliest enemies to make use of Delayed attacks.

This automated protector is the legacy of the previous generation's greatest inventor. Although a bit outdated, it performs its job efficiently by firing powerful missiles to disarm intruders. Efforts to replace it have been made, but nobody wants to provide the budget to accomplish it.

That poor machine... It cannot move! We must defeat it, but... couldn't we just walk away from it?

So annoying! You'd think they'd stop firing at me, since I'm a Bee and all... Let's pummel it!

Creating machines just to battle others... Not the best use of science. Let's disassemble it.

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