Security Turret is a dangerous enemy encountered in the Honey Factory.

Security Turrets can shoot either missiles or honey. Both attacks hit 2 times, targeting a random bug both times. The attacks have different block timing. Missiles also deal more damage while honey numbs on a failed block. They can also fire a missile into the air, which will land on the marked party position (the mark won't follow party members if you switch their order) after 3 turns, dealing 3 damage to the bug at that position. Their attacks are hard to tell apart from each other on start up, can deal a lot of damage and disable bugs, and their defense makes it hard to take them out quickly. Because of that, it's recommended that you use Frigid Coffin for extra damage and Freeze.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary This automated protector is the legacy of the previous generation's greatest inventor. Although a bit outdated, it performs its job efficiently by firing powerful missiles to disarm intruders. Efforts to replace it have been made, but nobody wants to provide the budget to accomplish it.
Vi "So annoying! You'd think they'd stop firing at me, since I'm a Bee and all... Let's pummel it!"
Kabbu "That poor machine... It cannot move! We must defeat it, but... couldn't we just walk away from it?"
Leif "Creating machines just to battle others... Not the best use of science. Let's disassemble it."

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