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Samira is a shy beefly and musician who is first met in Ant Kingdom City. She is initially found with no motivation to continue her performances after relatively little success in comparison to Mothiva. However, after being encouraged by Vi, Samira regains her passion, eventually finding much success. She follows Team Snakemouth on their journey throughout Bugaria, often found in towns and cities along the way, including Golden Settlement, Defiant Root, and Termite Capitol.

Samira can play any song that Team Snakemouth has heard during their journey, however, it must first be bought for 2 berries each. Buying every song rewards the achievement Music Collector and a Heart Berry.



Song Title Discovery Method
The Everlasting Sapling Acquired in the opening cinematic of a new game.
Let's fight, team! Acquired in the combat tutorial with Maki
Where Adventurers Gather Acquired in the Explorers' Association building.
Outskirts Obtained when first entering the Bugaria Outskirts
Snakemouth Den Obtained when first entering Snakemouth Den
Getting Stronger! Obtained by leveling up the team's rank for the first time. If using the RUIGEE menu code, will be obtained upon hearing it during the ceremony in Chapter 7.
It's Getting Scary! When first encountering the Spider in Snakemouth Den
They Call Him Spuder After entering combat with the Spider in Snakemouth Den
The One Left Behind Upon meeting Leif in Snakemouth Den
Bustling Ant Kingdom! Acquired in the Ant Kingdom City
In The Court of The Ant Queen Acquired upon meeting Queen Elizant II in the throne room
Fine Arts Found in the Bugaria Theater
Let's Fry with Fry! Obtained when making your first recipe with Fry
Oh no! WASPS! Acquired when ambushed by wasps outside of the Golden Cave
Caves Obtained upon entering the Golden Cave
The Sailors' Pier Acquired at Bugaria Pier
Blessed Golden Lands Upon entering the Golden Path
Kut it Up! Obtained when making your first recipe with Kut
Bugaria's Latest Sensation Obtained upon first meeting Team Mothiva
Harvest Festival Obtained when the Harvest Festival begins in Chapter 2
Team, this one's stronger! Acquired when fighting with Acolyte Aria
The Sacred Hills Acquired upon entering the Golden Hills
Mothiva! SUPERSTAR! Obtained by fighting Team Mothiva in Chapter 2
Venus, Goddess of Bountiful Harvest Obtained when encountering Goddess Venus
Frenzied Sunflower Dance Acquired when fighting Venus
Dodgy Business When going into the Underground Tavern for the first time
Lost Sands Upon entering the Lost Sands
Defiant Root Obtained upon entering Defiant Root
Make it Crisbee! Obtained when making your first recipe with Crisbee
Drums of War When being scanned before entering the Bee Hive
Bee Kingdom, Miles Above Obtained when entering the Bee Kingdom Hive
Bianca, Queen of All Bees Acquired when meeting Queen Bianca
Work that Honey When entering the Honey Factory
Store that Honey When entering the Storage in the Honey Factory
Mecha Bee Destroyer Blastlord Obtained after beating the Heavy Drone B-33
Reckless for Glory Obtained by fighting any bounty boss, the Mother Chomper, or the Broodmother
The Bandits' Hideout Obtained upon entering the Bandit Hideout
The Ones Who... Obtained in Leif's dream after he gets knocked out by the Dune Scorpion
Lost Castle of Ancient Worship Acquired once inside the Ancient Castle
The Watcher Defeat The Watcher
Ant Kingdom, Under Attack...! Obtained after the Wasps attack the Ant Kingdom in Chapter 5.
The Usurper Obtained after fighting the Wasp King in Chapter 5.
Team, it's getting serious! Obtained after hearing it in a normal enemy encounter after Chapter 5.
Lands Untamed Obtained after entering the Far Grasslands for the first time.
Swamps Where Dreams Drown Obtained after entering the Wild Swamplands for the first time.
Centipede Attacks Obtained after encountering the The Beast
Cruel Beast, Devourer of Journeys Obtained after encountering the The Beast
Wasp Kingdom Obtained after entering the Wasp Kingdom for the first time.
Elizant II's Promise Obtained after hearing Elizant II's speech at the end of Chapter 5.
Forsaken Lands Obtained after entering the Forsaken Lands.
Termite Capitol Obtained after entering the Termite Capitol.
DineMite Beats Obtained after hearing it in the DineMite restaurant.
Snug as a Bug in a Sub Obtained after sailing in the Subaquatic Maritime Neotransport.
Flower Journey Obtained after playing Flower Journey in the arcade.
Mite Knight Obtained after playing Mite Knight in the arcade.
Summer Holiday at the Metal Island™ Obtained after visiting Metal Island for the first time.
Lab Over Snakemouth Obtained after entering Upper Snakemouth for the first time.
The Other One Obtained fighting Zommoth.
Rubber Prison Obtained after entering Rubber Prison for the first time.
Battle Against Ultimax, Who Has a Tank Obtained fighting General Ultimax in Chapter 6.
The Giant's Lair Obtained after entering the Giant's Lair for the first time.
???? Obtained after being spotted by Dead Lander Ω or after the Dead Lander Trio fight in Chapter 7.
The Usurper, Grasping for Power Obtained after fighting the Wasp King in Chapter 7.
Transcending, Overpowering, Everlasting Obtained after fighting The Everlasting King in Chapter 7.
Team... We've done it! Obtained after the awards ceremony at the end of Chapter 7.
A Long Journey's End Obtained after witnessing the credits.


  • The songs on Samira's list show up in the order that you encounter them. This means that songs that can be missed or are in optional areas can cause the list to differ from the official OST's order.
  • Some of Samira's song titles in-game differ from the titles in the official OST.
  • In the 0.4 pre-release version of the game, songs used to cost 20 berries each. [1]
  • Despite being featured prominently during their fight in Chapter 6, Mothiva's Grand Stand (referred to as Mothiva! SUPERSTAR! in-game,) is unlocked in Chapter 2 when it plays prior to their first fight.