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Ruffians are an enemy found within the Rubber Prison. After Chapter 6, only one fight-able Ruffian will remain on Rubber Prison's second floor.

Spy Logs
Bestiary These freed prisoners are so dangerous, the Wasps left the cuffs on. They don't care, though. They're cruel and cunning enough to wreak enough havoc using only their legs.It will be a headache to round them up again...
Kabbu Hmph. So the Wasps have become so desperate as to employ even criminals... His character may be poor, but his strength is considerable! Stay sharp!
Vi Uh oh... I've seen this guy in a wanted poster! He's super dangerous! He's flailing that chain like it's a leaf! Watch out for those kicks!
Leif My, what impressive legs. To be able to move so freely under that much weight...Still, he's just a crook at the end of the day. We'll throw him back into his cell!

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