Riz is a damsel fly who lives in a village called Fishing Village in Far Grasslands. He has a sister named Rizza.

During the event of Chapter 5 when the player is heading towards Wild Swamplands, the player cannot fight Riz and will be driven away when trying to enter the Fishing Village. After Chapter 5 he can be fought, and after doing that, he will allow the team to enter the Fishing Village.

Riz is quite challenging to fight as a side-boss. His high HP means that the battle is of quite a length, and he has an ATK that cannot be ignored. His Dive Bombs deals much damage, and some of them inflict status effects, but can be easily countered by Leif's Bubble Shield Lite.

Appearance and PersonalitiesEdit

Riz is a green damsel fly who can craft various inventions.

He seems to be very defensive towards everyone, even to those who he thinks good. On the other hand, he cares about his sister and is a responsible brother.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary This crafty Dragonfly has managed to make a living in the Far Grasslands. He uses a robust system of traps and tracking to stay safe while sleeping and collecting food. Thankfully, he seems to be fluent in Bugnish.
Vi "Oi! For once, we don't wanna fight! Just stop hitting us! Grr...Those bombs can rack up damage fast. We'll have to plan around them!"
Kabbu "Please, you must reconsider! ...Why does everything in Bugaria get solved with violence!?Don't underestimate him, team. Surviving in these lands is no easy task!"
Leif "For someone with the smarts to craft those bombs, aren't you being unreasonable?...He got mad. Maybe we spoke a bit too much this time..."

Trivia Edit

  • Both Riz and Rizza are called 'dragonfly' in the file and in his bestiary log, despite this Riz and his family are actually Damsel Flies.
  • Riz's body seems to be shaded in green-blue. His spear doesn't, however.
  • The Bestiary Entry of Riz suggests that he is somehow a primitive bug as it says that he is 'Thankfully he is fluent in Bugnish. This suggests that he is either a former inventor who is now living in Far Grasslands or the fact that making machines isn't too hard for bugs in Bugaria.
  • Interestingly, Riz is one of the enemies to have a lower defense in Hard Mode. On this mode he has 10 more HP and much higher attack power.
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