Reed is the bouncer of the Underground Tavern, responsible for keeping out unwanted visitors. First heard (but not seen) when the group first visits the Ant Kingdom Commercial Area, he bars Vi and company from entering the tavern when she attempts to use an expired password, and makes an unsubtle threat when she threatens to expose the operation. When Team Snakemouth finally gains access after defeating Monsieur Scarlet, he warns Vi to behave herself.

Much later during the quest In Search of Paint, it's discovered he's in a relationship with Artia of the Bee Kingdom. When the search for black paint brings the team to him, he worries for his girlfriend when hearing of her getting involved with the alley-lurking Tennent, whom Reed has an undisclosed past with. He gives the team a Shady Note meant for Tennent to convince him to relinquish the paint.

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