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Records, also known as Achievements, are obtained when Team Snakemouth meets certain requirements. They can be found on the pause menu under "Library", and can be viewed on Steam.

Achievements requiring Team Snakemouth to defeat a chapter boss in Hard Mode can be obtained by defeating the boss in B.O.S.S.

Records icon.png Records
Achievements.png Our Job's Done!

Complete every other achievement.

083.png Ultimate Team!

Defeat a very powerful foe.

Good deed.png Good Deed

Give something expecting no reward.

Reconciliation.png Reconciliation

Help a friend out.

The truth.png The Truth

Find the truth.

Plant enchanter.png Plant Enchanter

Meet a new friend.

A better bugaria.png A Better Bugaria

Defeat all Bounties.

Gamer.png Gamer

Beat both highscores in the Termacade

Crystal collector.png Crystal Collector

Collect all 50 Crystal Berries.

Medal collector.png Medal Collector

Collect all 108 Medals.

Music collector.png Music Collector

Purchase all songs.

Discoveries.png Pro Explorers

Collect all 50 Discoveries.

Battle ready.png Battle Ready

Reach Rank 27.

Helping hand.png Helping Hand

Finish all Quests.

Cooking maestro.png Cooking Maestro

Collect all 70 Recipes.

Bestiary.png Field Researcher

Fill the Bestiary.

Chapter 1.png Chapter 1 Complete

Finish Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.png Chapter 2 Complete

Finish Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.png Chapter 3 Complete

Finish Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.png Chapter 4 Complete

Finish Chapter 4.

Chapter 5.png Chapter 5 Complete

Finish Chapter 5.

Chapter 6.png Chapter 6 Complete

Finish Chapter 6.

Chapter 7.png Chapter 7 Complete

Finish Chapter 7.

Chapter 1 hard.png Vicious Spider

Defeat the Chapter 1 Boss in Hard Mode.

Chapter 2 hard.png The Guardian

Defeat the Chapter 2 Boss in Hard Mode.

Chapter 3 hard.png Heavy Duty

Defeat the Chapter 3 Boss in Hard Mode.

Chapter 4 hard.png Always Watchful

Defeat the Chapter 4 Boss in Hard Mode.

Chapter 5 hard.png The Terror

Defeat the Chapter 5 Boss in Hard Mode.

Chapter 6 hard.png All Geared Up

Defeat the Chapter 6 Boss in Hard Mode.

Chapter 7 hard.png The End

Defeat the Chapter 7 Boss in Hard Mode.