Quests are optional missions which reward the player with items, medals, or crystal berries. Quests can be accepted from the Quest Boards all across Bugaria.

Quest Name Avaliable From Difficulty Objective Reward
Inn Review Required Beginning of Chapter 2 Innkeeper Talk to the Innkeeper and stay at the Inn. Free night at the Inn and a Honey Drop.
I Want a New Taste Beginning of Chapter 2 Chuck Chuck wants to eat a "Hearty Breakfast", meet him in his hut in Snakemouth Way. Mighty Pebble Medal
Lost Toy Beginning of Chapter 2 Tod Tod lost his ball near Golden Hills Path to a Midge, retrieve it and give it back to him. Sleep Resist Medal
Awful's Beauty Beginning of Chapter 2 Reeves ⭐⭐ Search the world for the 3 worst books in Bugaria. Book one is found atop the house next to Ali's, in the center of the top area of the ant kingdom residential district. Use the spring shroom behind some bushes on the left of the house to get up. At the beehive In the room Vi's Sister is in, after she kicks you out the first time, re-enter and head to the back of the room for another bad book. The final bad book is in the wizard's tower (Down from the beehive hole, use Kabbu's dig ability), on the top floor, to the left. Book 1: 35 berries

Book 2: 35 berries

Book 3: 35 berries

Lost books Beginning of Chapter 2 Brooke ⭐⭐ Search Bugaria for all of the missing lore books Crystal Berry
Book return! Beginning of Chapter 2 Ali Get the book from his house in the top left of the residential area, and bring it to the library in the ant palace. 15 berries and lore book #1
Parts Delivery Beginning of Chapter 2 Eetl Talk to Eetl and get the package, then bring it to Bugaria Pier east of the explorers hall. Give the package to the ant in a float tube Crazy prepared medal
Cable Car Bodyguard After finishing the Golden Festival GS Technician ⭐⭐ The technician needs someone to protect him while he repairs the cable car. Talk to him on the left side of the first thorn pit in the Golden Path. You'll have to fight 3 battles in a row against Golden Path enemies. Cable car becomes useable, 10 berries.
Hydration Crisis! After finishing the Golden Festival Fabri Get 3 Clear Waters and deliver them to Fabri at Golden Settlement berry farm. Heavy Sleeper
Dropped my Hat! After finishing the Golden Festival Bomby Bomby dropped his hat at the festival. Find it in Golden Settlement's farm area and bring it back to him. Favored One
Theater Help Wanted! Beginning of Chapter 3 M.M ⭐⭐ Head to the theater and help Chubee with her play. The first battle is with an Acornling and a Numbnail, the second one is with Thief and Bandit, and the final battle is with a Burglar, which has twice as much HP as a regular burglar. 30 berries (repeatable)
Requesting Assistance Beginning of Chapter 3 Levi ⭐⭐⭐ Team Celia needs help with their mission. Mett up with them in Ant Kingdom City's comercial district, then follow them to the Golden Path Tunnel and fight Monsiuer Scarlet. Underground Tavern access.
Card Masters of Bugaria After completing "Requesting Assistance" Carmina ⭐⭐⭐ Head to the Underground Tavern and defeat Carmina at Spy Cards. Then, head to Chuck and defeat him at Spy Cards. Then, head to Golden Settlement's right area and defeat the second Card Master at Spy Cards. Then, head to Defiant Root and defeat the third Card Master at Spy Cards. Then, head to the Bee Hive and defeat Crow at Spy Cards. Then, head to Metal Island, enter the Spy Card Tournament and win 3 consecutive Spy Card battles. 150 berries.

Crystal Berry. Card Trophy.

Leif's Request Beginning of Chapter 3 Leif Leif wants the team to help him find out what happened to him. Can only be complete after finishing Chapter 4. Frost Bowling.
I Wanna Get Better! After reaching Defiant Root Crisbee ⭐⭐ First, deliver Crisbee a Danger Spud. Then, deliver him a Succelent Berry. Finally deliver him a Spicy Bomb and an Abomihoney. You'll have to fight 3 Abomihoneys afterwards. Unlocks the Crissbee Donut recipe.
My Specialty After reaching Defiant Root Kut ⭐⭐⭐ Deliver a Tangy Berry (Can be purchased on metal island for 40 berries each) to him. Unlocks the Tangy Caprico recipe.
A Smiling Dish After completing "I Wanna Get Better!" and "My Specialty" Fry ⭐⭐⭐ Deliver a Crissbee Donut and a Tangy Caprico to Fry. Unlocks the Queen's Dinner recipe.
Team Snakemouth... After completing "I Wanna Get Better!" and "My Specialty" Aria ⭐⭐⭐ Aria need the world's best dish to make an offering to Venus. Deliver a Queen's Dinner to Aria. Then, head to Venus. Prayer.

Can heal at Venus' Buds for 5 berries.

I want a Souvenir... After reaching Defiant Root Vivi Vivi wants a fashionable accessory from the Bee Kingdom. Purchase a Bee Hat at the Bee Hive, then deliver it to her at the Ant Mines. Numb Resistance Medal
Vi's Request Beginning of Chapter 4 Vi Vi wants the team to help her reach out to her sister, Jaune. First talk to Jaune. Then, head to Golden Settlement and talk to a bee in the farm area about the Red Paint. Then, head to Defiant Root and talk to a bee in the market area about the Cloth. Then, head to Ant Kingdom City and talk to one of the kids in the plaza about the Ant Kingdom Toy. Then, head to Metal Island and buy an Eastern Toy there. Trade the items until you get the Red Paint, then give it to Jaune. Sharing Stash.
It's Too Hot! Beginning of Chapter 4 Eremi ⭐⭐ Bring Eremi an item that will help her stay cool.

Reward for giving the Leaf Umbrella: 50 Berries, Reflection Reward for giving Magic Ice: 15 Berries Reward for giving Shell Ointment: 30 Berries Reward for giving the Leaf Umbrella after Magic or Shell Ointment: 15 Berries.

Butler Missing! Beginning of Chapter 4 Madeline ⭐⭐ Madeline's butler, Seb, got lost while they visited the Golden Hills. Talk to Madeline near the Golden Hills entrance, then find Seb in the upper-right area, Head back to Madeline afterwards. Lore Book.
Power Plant Investigation. Beginning of Chapter 4 Bee Kingdom ⭐⭐⭐ Bee Kingdom needs someone to investigate what happened at the Honey Power Plant to trigger Code 32. Head to the Honey Power Plant in Golden Settlement (west end of the village below the berry farm), open the door to the reactor, then go to the tunnel behind it and fight the Midge Broodmother. 40 Berries

Shortcut from Golden Settlement to Far Grasslands.

Bandit Hunt Escape from the Bandit Hideout. Ven ⭐⭐ Ven wants someone to defeat 20 bandits of any kind. Freeze Resistance
Stolen Item Escape from the Bandit Hideout. Kali ⭐⭐ Kali want someone to return the Stolen Silk that the bandits took from her.

You'll have to fight Kali and Kabbu after returning the silk.

Lore Book.
My brother is missing! Talk to the ladybug next to the Explorer's Association, and go back to Snakemouth Den in the area with ants, southwest, defeat the two enemies and complete the quest
Explorer Check! Escape from the Bandit Hideout. Gen and Eri ⭐⭐⭐ Gen and Eri need help evaluating an explorers team wrecking havoc in the commercial district. Go there and fight Cenn and Pisci. They will run away after receiving some damage. Chase after them to the south of the Explorer's Association and dig under a fence to reach them and fight them again. Lore Book.
Huuuuuuuuuu...!!! Escape from the Bandit Hideout. Tanjerin ⭐⭐ Tanjerin broke his horn, which then got stolen by bandits. Find the Orange Horn in the Bandit Hideout and give it back to him. Mightier Pebble.

Whack-A-Worm mini-game access.

Ore Wanted Escape from the Bandit Hideout. Butomu ⭐⭐ Butomu needs a special kind of ore to finish his work at the forge. Head to Stream Mountain and find the ore in the upper area, then deliver it to him. First Plating.
Lost Item Escape from the Bandit Hideout. ??? Someone (Located in the area behind the boxes next to the fabric shop) lost a collector's item at Sunset Inn. (Golden hills inn) Find the Mothiva Doll (Hidden behind a plant in the quest house) there and give it to them. Heart Berry
Want to Relive Memories... Beginning of Chapter 5 after completing "Huuuuuuuuuu...!!!" and talking to the Whack-A-Worm mini-game owner. Mayor ⭐⭐ Defiant Root Mayor wants to see someone play Whack-A-Worm again. Take him to the mini-game area and score at least 20 points. Lore Book.
Helpers needed at once. Beginning of Chapter 5 Malbee ⭐⭐ The Menders were messed up by Code 32, and Malbee needs someone to find and fix them. Find the 3 Menders in the Honey Factory and fix them, then report back to Malbee. Attack Exchange.
Help me Get it Back! Beginning of Chapter 5 Mun ⭐⭐⭐ Mun needs help to get back his friend's leaf mask that the bandits stole. Talk to Mun, then head to the Bandit Hideout's vault and beat a group of bandits there. Talk to Mun back at Ant Kingdom City to get the reward. Leaf Cloak.

20 berries.

Butler Missing Again! Beginning of Chapter 6 Madeline ⭐⭐ Seb got lost again, this time in Wild Swamplands. Find him on the screen with the lilypad platforms where you had to lift the wooden cage. He'll be on an Island (Madeline will comment on entry into the area). Lore Book.

Leaf Umbrella.

My Mecha Claw Beginning of Chapter 6 Engira ⭐⭐ Engira lost his Mecha Claw. Enter the Far Grasslands through the Ant Mines, and go one screen east. After breaking a cluster of boulders on the north side of this screen, the claw is located behind one of the bushes in the hidden area. Reflection.
They Took Her...! Beginning of Chapter 6 Bumble ⭐⭐ Bumble thinks her sister got kidnapped by the wasps. Go with her to the Wasp Castle in Far Grassland and find her sister to the right of it. TP Plus
Find the Ingredients! After clearing Power Plant Investigation The Wizard The Wizard needs ingredients to a potion he's making. Bring a Squash, Alphid Dew and Magic Ice to him. Frost Relay.
Sweets From Outside! After accessing Riz's Fishing Village Rizza Rizza want to taste sweets from outside her village. Bring a Nutty Cake to her. Crystal berry.
Rare Item Wanted After reaching the Termite Kingdom Isau ⭐⭐ Isau needs you to find a rare petal above Snakemouth Den. Head to Snakemouth Den and go forward until you reach the first door. Use the springshroom to get up, then fly across, using the opened doors as platforms. Get back to Isau after getting the petal. HP Core Medal and 20 berries.
It's Time...! After getting the Submarine Alex ⭐⭐ Alex wants you to beat 10 Water Striders so they won't bother sailors again. Lore Book
Best Friend in the Fog! After getting the Submarine Layna ⭐⭐ Layna want you to find her best friend, Nero. Head to the pumpkin path in the Forsaken lands, then go south. With Layna's help navigate the foggy area and find Nero. Lore Book
Can't Sleep...! After getting the Submarine Tarar Tarar needs something sweet that would help him fall asleep. Deliver him a Drowsy Cake. Then, he'll ask you to give him something that's sweet and could shock him awake. Give a Shocking Candy to him. TP Plus
Lunch Delivery! After getting the Submarine Yanata ⭐⭐ Yanata's bruther left without taking lunch with him again, Get the lunch from Yanata, head west of the Thermite Kingdom until you reach the area with the broken bridges. Find Yanata's brother and give the lunch to him. HP Core Medal.
Seedling Hunt After getting the Submarine Takkun ⭐⭐ Takkun needs you to defeat 50 Seedling of any kind to help with his research. Seedling Affinity.
In Search of Paint After getting the Submarine Artia ⭐⭐ Artia needs the blackest paint to finish her painting. After talking to her, head to Termite Kingdom and talk to the termite at the end of the alley. Then, go back to Artia and talk to her. Then, head to the Underground Tavern and talk to Reed, the bouncer, to get the Shady Note. Then, go back the termite and show him the Shady Note to get the Black Paint. Give the paint to Artia. Crystal berry.
Kabbu's Request After beating Chapter 7 Kabbu Kabbu needs to properly say goodbye to his friend who died in the Wild Swamplands. Head back to the Beast's lair so Kabbu can make a memorial for them. None
Confidential After beating Chapter 7 Team Maki ⭐⭐⭐ Team Maki needs help with Yin's condition. After talking to the at the Ant Kingdom bridge, head to Far Grassland and go to the empty area north-east of the Ant Mines tunnel. After fighting a large group of Leafbugs, Yin hatches from her cocoon. Head back to the Ant Kingdom Bridge and talk to Maki for your reward. Power Pepper.

Iron Seed

Can spar with Team Maki.


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