Quests are optional missions which reward the player with items, medals, or crystal berries. Quests can be accepted from the Quest Boards all across Bugaria.

Quest Prerequisites Objective Reward

Inn Review Required

Inn review required
Start Chapter 2 Talk to the Innkeeper and stay at the Inn. Honey Drop

I Want a New Taste

I want a new taste
Start Chapter 2 Cook a Hearty Breakfast and give it to Chuck.
He lives in Bugaria Outskirts near Snakemouth Den.
Mighty Pebble

Lost Toy

Lost toy
Start Chapter 2 Find Tod's lost ball in Golden Cave and return it to him.
It is in the top right side of the room behind a pillar.
Sleep Resistance

Awful's Beauty

Awful's beauty
Start Chapter 2 Find the three Bad Books from these locations:

35 Berries each

Lost Books

Lost books
Start Chapter 2 Find and return every Lore Book. A Crystal Berry

Book Return!

Book return!
Start Chapter 2 Return Ali's Overdue Book to the Anthill Palace library and return to him. 15 Berries and a Lore Book

Parts Delivery

Parts delivery
Start Chapter 2 Take a package from Eetl and give it to an ant at Bugaria Pier. Crazy Prepared

Cable Car Bodyguard

Cable car bodyguard
GS Technician
Enter Golden Settlement Talk to the technician in Golden Path's second room and defeat three waves of enemies. 10 Berries and access to Super Block+

Hydration Crisis!

Hydration crisis!
Finish the Golden Festival Give 3 Clear Waters to Fabri. Heavy Sleeper

Dropped my Hat!

Dropped my hat!
Finish the Golden Festival Find Bomby's Lost Hat and return it to him.
It is found behind a bush to the left of the aphid pen.
Favorite One

Theater Help Wanted!

Theater help wanted!
Start Chapter 3 Head to the Ant Kingdom's theater and defeat three waves of enemies. 30 Berries

Requesting Assistance

Requesting assistance
Start Chapter 3 Head to Golden Cave and defeat Monsieur Scarlet. Access to the Underground Tavern

Card Masters of Bugaria

Card masters of bugaria
Defeat Carmina in a game of Spy Cards Defeat Chuck, Arie, Shay, and Crow. Then win the Spy Cards Tournament on Metal Island. 150 Berries, a Crystal Berry, and the Card Trophy

Leif's Request

Leif's request
Start Chapter 3 Use the Peculiar Gem to access Upper Snakemouth and complete the area. Then go to Muze's house. Frost Bowling

I Wanna Get Better!

I wanna get better!
Enter Defiant Root Deliver a Danger Spud, Succulent Berry, Spicy Bomb, and Abomihoney to Crisbee. Then defeat a group of three Abomihoneys. A Crisbee Donut and its recipe.

My Specialty

My specialty
Enter Defiant Root Deliver a Tangy Berry to Kut. A Tangy Carpaccio and its recipe.

A Smiling Dish

A smiling dish
Complete I Wanna Get Better! and My Specialty Deliver a Crisbee Donut and Tangy Carpaccio to Fry. A Queen's Dinner and its recipe.

Team Snakemouth...

Team snakemouth...
Complete I Wanna Get Better! and My Specialty Show a Queen's Dinner to Aria and then deliver it to Venus. Prayer. Heal at Venus' Buds for 5 Berries.

I Want a Souvenir...

I want a souvenir...
Enter Defiant Root Buy the Bee Hat from the Hive and deliver it to Vivi. Numb Resistance

Vi's Request

Vi's request
Complete Chapter 3 Talk to Jaune, a bee in west Golden Settlement, a bee in Defiant Root's market, Ann in the Ant Kingdom plaza, and the a toy seller on Metal Island. Chain trade the items received until obtaining the Red Paint, then give it to Jaune. Sharing Stash

Power Plant Investigation

Power plant investigation
Bee Kingdom
Complete Chapter 3 and talk to Queen Bianca Enter the Power Plant in Golden Settlement and defeat the Broodmother. 40 Berries. A shortcut from Golden Settlement to Far Grasslands

It's Too Hot!

It's too hot!
Start Chapter 4 Bring Eremi Magic Ice, Shell Ointment, or a Leaf Umbrella 15 Berries, 30 Berries, or 50 Berries and Reflection, respectively.

Butler Missing!

Butler missing!
Start Chapter 4 Find Seb in the north east portion of the Golden Hills, then talk to Madeleine. A Lore Book

Bandit Hunt

Bandit hunt
Escape the Bandit Hideout Defeat a total of 10 Burglars, Thieves, and Bandits Medals#Freeze Resistance

Stolen Item

Stolen item
Escape the Bandit Hideout Find the Stolen Silk in the Bandit Hideout and return it to Kali.
Defeat Kali and Kabbu afterwards.
A Lore Book

My Brother is Gone!

My brother is gone!
Escape the Bandit Hideout Talk to Leby, then save Dib from Snakemouth Depths. A Lore Book

Explorer Check!

Explorer check!
Gen and Eri
Escape the Bandit Hideout Enter the Ant Kingdom's commercial district and scare off Cenn and Pisci. Then find and defeat them south of the Explorers' Association. A Lore Book


Talk to Tanjerin at least once and escape the Bandit Hideout Find the Orange Horn in the Bandit Hideout's cafeteria and return it to Tanjerin. Afterwards, return to the large boulder and watch Tanjerin lift it.\ Mightier Pebble

Ore Wanted

Ore wanted
Escape the Bandit Hideout Find the Rare Ore in Stream Mountain and deliver it to Butomu. First Plating

Lost Item

Lost item
Escape the Bandit Hideout Find the Mothiva Doll in the Golden Sunset Inn and return it to a hooded figure hidden in Defiant Root's market. A Heart Berry

Want to Relive Memories...

Want to relive memories...
Complete Huuuuuuuuuu...!!! and talk to the Whack-A-Worm shopkeeper. Talk to Defiant Root's Mayor then play a game of Whack-A-Worm in Golden Settlement and score at least 20 points. A Lore Book and a Dark Cherry

Helpers Needed at Once!

Helpers needed at once!
Start Chapter 5 Talk to Malbee in the Overseer's office then find and defeat the three Menders in the Honey Factory. Power Exchange

Help me Get it Back!

Help me get it back!
Start Chapter 5 and approach Mun in the Bugaria Outskirts east of the Explorers' Association Talk to Mun in the Ant Kingdom's residential district. Enter the Bandit Hideout's treasure room and defeat the bandits there. 20 Berries and Leaf Cloak

Butler Missing Again!

Butler missing again!
Start Chapter 6 Find Seb in the Wild Swamplands. A Lore Book and a Leaf Umbrella

My Mecha Claw!

My mecha claw!
Start Chapter 6 Find Engira's Mecha Claw in an area behind a large boulder in the Far Grasslands east of the ant mines exit. Reflection

They Took Her...!

They took her...!
Start Chapter 6 Talk to Bumble on Metal Island and then the Far Grasslands entrance. Talk to Rebelle outside the Wasp Kingdom Hive. TP Plus

Find the Ingredients!

Find the ingredients!
The Wizard
Talk to the Wizard in the Far Grasslands Deliver a Squash, Aphid Dew, and Magic Ice to the Wizard. Frost Relay

Sweets From Outside!

Sweets from outside!
Defeat Riz Deliver a Nutty Cake to Rizza. A Crystal Berry

Rare Item Wanted

Rare item wanted
Obtain Vi's Fly ability Use Vi's Fly to reach an area cross the large doors in Snakemouth Den. Find the petal there and deliver it to Isau. HP Core and 20 Berries.

It's Time...!

It's time...!
Obtain the submarine Defeat 10 Water Striders A Lore Book

Best Friend In The Fog!

Best friend in the fog!
Obtain the submarine Talk to Layna in the Termite Capitol. Go to and navigate the fog filled room south of the pumpkin patch in the Forsaken Lands. Nero is found at the end. A Lore Book

Can't Sleep...!

Can't sleep...!
Obtain the submarine Deliver a Drowsy Cake and a Shock Candy to Tarar. TP Plus

Lunch Delivery!

Lunch delivery!
Obtain the submarine Deliver the Wrapped Lunch to Yatanta's brother in the room west of where the Primal Weevil is fought. HP Core

In Search of Paint

In search of paint
Obtain the submarine Talk to Artia in the Hive, Tennent in an alley in the Termite Capitol, Artia again, Reed in the Underground Tavern, and then Tennent again to obtain the Blackest Paint. Deliver the Blackest Paint to Artia. A Crystal Berry

Seedling Hunt

Seedling hunt
Obtain the submarine Defeat 50 total Seedlings, Underlings, Acornlings, Cactlings, Flowerlings, Plumplings, and Golden Seedlings. Seedling Affinity

Kabbu's Request

Kabbu's request
Complete Chapter 7 Go to and observe the center of the room in the Wild Swamplands where The Beast was fought. None


Team Maki
Complete Chapter 7 Talk to Maki at the Ant Palace's bridge. Enter an area behind a large boulders in the Far Grasslands east of the ant mines exit. Talk to Maki and fight off several waves of leafbugs. A Power Pepper and an Iron Seed

Bounty: Devourer

Bounty devourer
Complete Requesting Assistance Find and defeat the Devourer in the Golden Path. Last Attack

Bounty: Seedling King

Bounty seedling king
Complete Requesting Assistance Find and defeat the Seedling King in the Bugaria Outskirts. TP Core

Bounty: Tidal Wyrm

Bounty tidal wyrm
Complete Requesting Assistance Find and defeat the Tidal Wyrm in Stream Mountain. Last Attack]

Bounty: False Monarch

Bounty false monarch
Complete Requesting Assistance Find and defeat the False Monarch in the Forsaken Lands. Last Stand

Bounty: Peacock Spider

Bounty peacock spider
Complete Requesting Assistance Find and defeat the Peacock Spider in the Peacock Island. Last Stand
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