Quests are optional missions which reward the player with items, medals or crystal berries. Quests can be accepted from the Quest Boards at the Ant Kingdom City or Explorers' Association. Here's a list of all the quests avaliable in the demo v0.4.

Quest Name Avaliable From Difficulty Objective Reward
Inn Review Required From the start Innkeeper Talk to the Innkeeper and stay at the Inn. Free night at the Inn and a Honey Drop.
I Want a New Taste From the start Chuck Chuck wants to eat a "Hearty Breakfast", meet him in his hut in Snakemouth Way. Berserker Medal
Lost Toy From the start Tod Tod lost his ball near Snakemouth Entrance to a Numbnail, retrieve it and give it back to him. Break Medal
My Brother is Gone! From the start Leby ⭐⭐ Leby's brother disappeared, talk to her in front of the haven near the Association, then fight some Zombie Ants at the bottom-left platform of the room where you have Moth join your party to rescue her brother. Mighty Pebble Medal
Theater Help Wanted! From the start Mothiva ⭐⭐⭐ Head to the theater and help Mothiva with her play. The first battle is with an Acornling and a Numbnail, the second one is with Thief and Bandit, and the final battle is with Zasp. 150 berries (repeatable)