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Stand firm and proud, my knights! We are mere steps from our goal! CRUSH this insolent creature that dares to defy our most sacred mission! Have no mercy!
—Queen Elizant II
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Queen Elizant II is a character in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling and the current monarch of the Ant Kingdom. She is the daughter of Queen Elizant I and wanted to follow her mother's goal of finding The Everlasting Sapling. At the start of the game she will mostly stay in the Ant Kingdom Palace, however at the end of Chapter 5 she will follow Team Snakemouth to the Forsaken Lands, while she is in the party Team Snakemouth will be able to use the skill Royal Decree.


Elizant II is quite headstrong and has a "powerful aura" at the beginning of the game, though this is likely due to her status and expectations of being a queen. During the first few chapters of the game, she has displayed some dismissive and rather harsh feelings towards her subjects. While she is capable of gratitude and rewarding people accordingly, she is shown to have low tolerance of questions and is quite secretive as well.

Later on, however, the game shows her in a new light. It is revealed that her secrecy and desperation to find The Everlasting Sapling stems from her desire to bring back her mother who is not dead, but rather put into a deep slumber. Despite her harshness, she is shown to genuinely care about her subjects, willingly giving Hoaxe the remaining artifacts so that her people are spared. It is also shown that she harbors deep insecurity and finds herself unfitting of being queen and undeserving of kind words and consolation. This insecurity serves to fuel her desire to find The Everlasting Sapling and bring her mother back. By the end of the game, she has come to terms that, while she may not be as great as a ruler as Elizant I, she can still be a great ruler in her own rights. After traveling with Team Snakemouth, she also becomes more understanding and attentive to her subjects.

She banned ladybugs from entering the Ant Kingdom after an incident where seventeen ladybugs stole Aphids eggs. Since then, ladybugs, such as Levi, need special permits to enter the Ant Kingdom. According to one of the Lore Books, this was considered her most controversial ruling during her reign.