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Psicorps are scorpion-like enemies found in the Lost Sands. They can inflict both Poison and Sleep with their attacks, and will often feint an attack before actually stabbing you with their claws in an attempt to throw you off. The feint is warned through a small hop before an attack. Psicorps can burrow underground after an attack.

Spy Logs
Bestiary The rustling sound of scattering sand warns travelers of the presence of a Psicorp. Its claws can poison or sedate, depending on the situation. Prey gets sedated, and predators poisoned. Travelers, unfortunately, are subject to both.
Kabbu ...I never did like these blasted Psicorps. Leif, use your magic to unearth them! We must be careful, for they may feint before striking us with poison or sedatives!
Vi Hmm... So this is a Psicorp. I think their poison can make some nice items! Let's not beat it up too bad, or no one will buy it! Leif! Get it out if it goes under!
Leif This creature... it gives us an ominous feeling. We never were a fan of sedatives. It is otherwise unimpressive. Not even digging will spare it from our magic. Let's decimate it.


  • Psicorps are based on pseudoscorpions - an order of small arachnids who bear resemblance to scorpions. This is made more apparent in the game files, where they are referred as "pseudoscorp", short for pseudoscorpion.
  • Psicorp is one of the enemies featured in the Abomi Nation crossover with Bug Fables. An exclusive Tamed Psicorp variant of the Psicorp also makes a debut appearance in said game.
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