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No problemo. You've gotta tell me what you find out! For SCIENCE!
—Professor Neolith
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Professor Neolith (casually Neo) is a Moth who works for the Queen, analyzing the Ancient Artifacts. He is first encountered in front of the Golden Cave, being attacked by two Wasp Troopers.


He has beige skin along with brown fur and wings. His eyes are a light grey color. He is often seen holding a piece of paper in one hand.


He has considerable knowledge of how the artifacts lead to the Everlasting Sapling, which is likely why the Queen employed him.

He is capable of translating the Roach scripts on the Ancient Tablet by putting on the Ancient Mask. He also deduced that Team Snakemouth found only half of the Ancient Key in the Honey Factory.

Kabbu knew Neolith during the time he spent in the Lost Sands, and the two are good friends.