Prof. Honeycomb is a bee scientist in Bee Kingdom Hive. She is the inventor of Beemerang, and she also does other researches as well. Her assistant is Hawk.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Prof. Honeycomb is a pale yellow bee with light brown fur, as well as a pair of odd glasses whose lens differs in sizes to each other. One of her antennae is longer and curly.

She often appears to be rude and forces the team to help her in her researches, but is actually helpful towards the team as well, and offers many help to them. When she found that Vi owns one of her Beemerangs during the festival in Golden Settlement, she is annoyed, and also ignores Kabbu's explanations, but she eventually agrees to let Vi keep the Beemerang, in exchange for assist in researches. Later when the team brings a Chomper Seed to her, she helps the team breeding it into Chompy, but once again asks them to take care of her so that her experiment can continue.

She shows dislike towards Doctor H.B., saying that most of her inventions are just stolen cockroach technology.

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Trivia Edit

  • Prof. Honeycomb looks a bit different from other bees. She seems to be walking on both her needles and legs.
  • According to a bee guard in the hive, she and Dr. H.B. are the last bees left from the previous generation.
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