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The Primal Weevil is a boss who ambushes the team in Chapter 6 outside of the entrance to the Termite Kingdom. As the name implies this boss is a more dangerous version of the Weevil.

After defeating Zasp and Mothiva in the Colosseum, the Primal Weevil can be fought there as the third fight.

The most aggressive, unruly, and powerful type of Weevil, this primal creature stands at the top of the Forsaken Land's food chain. Anyone traveling the area is well advised to carry little food, lest they risk catching its attention.

This must be the area's apex predator... What an incredibly fearsome monster! We must keep an eye on when to block, and stop it from calling reinforcements!

W-Whoa! That's nothing like the Golden Settlement's Weevils! It's HUGE! Gotta watch out for the feints, and knock it down before it calls for help!

Tch. It's vicious. Hard to cast magic while keeping up with blocking. It seems to have lackeys nearby, too... Let's freeze them up and deal with them later.

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