The Power Plant is a location under the Bee Kingdom Hive. It connects the Golden Settlement and the Far Grasslands, and the Wasp Kingdom. You can only gain access through the Power Plant Investigation quest. The Team finds out what went wrong in the Honey Factory, by pushing a few switches and entering the hole in the wall they find electrified water, as well as bunch of Wasp Spears on the walls and a ton of Midge eggs in the water. Before they could investigate a Giant Midge (Broodmother) attacks them. The Team defeats it, and the Bee guards take the eggs out of the water. It seems there is a tunnel that leads to the Far Grasslands, and the Wasp Kingdom, an invasion was most likely planned. It's suggested that the Broodmother caused the lockdown, though it's presumably the Wasps making holes in the tree and the Power Plant. There is a tunnel leading from the Wasp Kingdom right to the Power Plant, It's unknown what the Wasps wanted from the Power Plant or the nest, but it is clear they didn't succeed due to the Wasp Trooper Spears all over the place.

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