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The Power Plant is a location under the Bee Kingdom Hive. It connects the Golden Settlement and the Far Grasslands, and the Wasp Kingdom. It is guarded by a Bee Guard, and only authorized bugs are allowed inside. You can only gain access through to the Power Plant after accepting the Power Plant Investigation quest.


After the Team activates a some switches, they open the door leading to the Factory's energy converter. Behind the energy converter is a hole in the wall with electrified water, as well as bunch of Wasp Spears on the walls.

Upon first entry to the area, many Midge eggs are found in the water.

After the Giant Midge (Broodmother) is defeated, the Bee guards take the eggs out of the water. Past the electrified water, there is a tunnel that leads to the Far Grasslands implying a Wasp invasion was likely planned. It's suggested that either the Broodmother or Wasps caused the Factory lockdown. It is unknown what the Wasps wanted from the Power Plant or the nest, but it is implied they did not succeed due to the Wasp Trooper Spears left behind.