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Poi and Cross are a pair of termite border guards the team first encounter on their way to Termite Capitol after beating the Primal Weevil. They are later fought in the Termite Capitol's Colosseum as part of the Termite Kingdom's test of strength. Poi mainly focuses on sword strikes and leaves the ranged combat for Cross, although he does have a few cannon attacks up his sleeve.

He can raise his or Cross' stats with spicy or burly berries and heal himself with Succulent Platters.

Spy Logs
Bestiary Poi is a disciplined border guard who follows the law to the letter. He makes sure to keep his partner Cross on track. He uses a sword to complement his naturally long-range attacks.
Kabbu Our apologies, Poi. We know you're just doing your job. Everyone, watch out for his sword and cannon! We must fight with honor!
Vi This guy's bonkers... He's got a cannon on his head! We just have to show them we're a much stronger team!
Leif Tough luck, getting sent to fight us as part of the job. The head cannon and sword are a nasty combo... We can't let our guard down. Termites handle the cold well. Guess it's up to us if we want to gamble on it.

Battle Information



  • Succulent Platters used by Cross and Poi are weaker than the normal ones, as they can only target a single character.
    • Poi's Berries are also weaker than the normal versions, lasting only one turn.

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