Plumplings are pumpkin-like enemies evolved from Seedlings to adapt the environment of Forsaken Lands. In the overworld, they usually disguise as object pumpkins and do not show up until the player gets close.

They have rather low HP and average ATK comparing to other enemies in this area and are also weak to ice like other variants of Seedlings, but in exchange they've got a high defense, to the point that an unarmored Kabbu or Leif can only do 1 point of damage with a successful action command if in the front of the party. With proper Medals and skill usages, though, they're quite easy to deal with. A single Under Strike from the front row deals enough damage take take them out in one attack, assuming Kabbu doesn't have attack lowering medals equipped.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary This Seedling has adapted to the Forsaken Lands, sacrificing cuteness and speed for power and monstrous defense. Although some say it is delicious, the truth is it's almost impossible to take a bite out of it.
Vi "...Alright then. This ain't good. It's fat and way too sturdy! If I'm gonna hurt it I'll need some piercing skills...I think I'll have to rely on Kabbu and Leif for this one..."
Kabbu "This humongous creature sports armor soldiers would be most envious of! My horn can only barely hurt it, even when I'm at the front...It may be wise to save our skills for this behemoth."
Leif "Ugh, it's hideous. And it's got some defense... We can barely hurt it even if we give it our all. Kabbu's probably the best one for this job. Hope we don't waste too many skills..."

Trivia Edit

  • Plumplings look like Jack-O-Lanterns, a lantern made by carving faces on an empty pumpkin and placing a light in it that is often using during Halloween.
  • An item called Plumpling Pie can be cooked. It increases a party member's defense, matching the key feature of Plumplings' high defense.
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