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What would he know? Y'all just the Queen's lapbugs! No one has the right to tell us we can't explore!
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Pisci is a mid-boss fought alongside Cenn in the quest Explorer Check!. She and her cohort are first fought in the Ant Kingdom after they attempt to steal items from Amber, but the two bid a hasty retreat to a hideout at the Explorer's Association midway through. After being defeated there, the two can be found in the Rubber Prison.

Pisci always felt out of place in the orderly Ant Kingdom. After meeting Cenn, she truly blossomed into a troublemaker. Her new lifestyle was cut short when Maki rejected their team, and Team Snakemouth caught them harassing Amber. Maybe after her sentence is up, she'll go back to a quiet life.

You're making this more difficult than it needs to be. The first step to being forgiven is apologizing! O-Oof, that rock got me in the horn... That's it! I'm crushing you and your rocks!

Oi, you can't solve your problems throwing rocks at us!...I didn't say that so you'd build a wall! ...Whatever, the Beemerang goes around it...

Your inexperience shines through. You're really dealing with this whole thing the wrong way. Doesn't seem like you're willing to listen... Our ice will sneak past your defenses.

Battle Stats[edit | edit source]

In battle, Pisci attacks by tossing rocks up to three times, capable of hitting multiple party members. Alternatively, she may create a Rock Wall to encumber frontline-only attacks such as Kabbu's basic Horn Slice. Occasionally, she may also heal Cenn with a Crunchy Leaf. If Cenn is defeated before her, she will gain a permanent attack boost upon her next turn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Cenn and Pisci are paired together with Gen and Eri the phrase "Generic NPC" is made (Gen Eri Cenn Pisci).

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