The Peacock Spider is a bounty optional boss found within Peacock Island in Metal Lake. It is a large Spider with red eyes and two crystals attached to its front legs, which is uses to perform dances. Its abdomen has a face pattern on it with red, blue, and orange coloring. When defeated, it will drop the Crystal Feather which can be returned for the bounty reward.

Bestiary Entries

Sailors speak of an island in the far reaches of Metal Lake. An addicting beat drives them to explore its uncharted shores. By then, it's already too late, as the Peacock Spider's song has drawn them to their doom... Team Snakemouth finally confirmed this folk tale as reality, after their report on the beast's unique abilities. It seems to have been able to summon reinforcements to empower with its dancing. A tough battle, scholars imagine.

What mesmerizing sound... It drives me to shake my hips! Alas, we must not be distracted. It has constant reinforcements that it powers up... Our priority should be this Spider!

Cha-ka-cha-ka-cha-ka...Bleh! Stop doing that! It's getting annoying! And the shaking keeps making the others strong... We've gotta focus this guy down!

Why is everyone dancing? ...We don't get it. Whatever. It's clear this Spider is the boss. Let's cut the show short.

Battle Information[edit | edit source]

The Peacock Spider starts the battle alone, but as soon as it is able, it will summon a single Jumping Spider or Diving Spider (always a Diving Spider in Hard Mode) to attack for them. This is a free action, and it can perform another action after summoning. After summoning it, will use its turn to perform various dances which boost the Spider in different ways; it can boost its attack and defense, grant it two charges (to boost the next attack), grant it extra turns, and heal it if it is missing health. If the summoned Spider is defeated, it will spawn another one on the next turn.

If the summoned Spider is suffering from a status effect that makes it unable to attack, the Peacock Spider will hit it, curing the status effect and dealing 1 damage. This attack will not kill the summoned Spider even if it has 1 HP.

Rarely, the Peacock Spider will attack a single party member. Its only attack is a combo attack that hits three times.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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