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My friend, you are wrong there. All I do is honest work! My services can change your status around. Picked the wrong bonus during Ranking Up? I can fix that for you. For a price, of course. Hehehe...
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Paton is a character in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. He can change your status in exchange of Berries.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Patton is an acorn weevil sporting a gray cloak and what looks like a gas mask. Patton has been exiled from the Ant Kingdom due to his "blatant disregard for safety regulations".

Personality[edit | edit source]

Patton lives just outside the Ant Kingdom's borders in a glass 'Beewell' medicine bottle in the Forsaken Lands.

Patton is very nosy but will volunteer his services for nothing more than having willing test subjects (and berries).

Patton's Potion Respec[edit | edit source]

Patton is able to extract stat bonuses from level ups and upgrades such as Heart Berries, Bond Berries, Power Peppers and Iron Seeds (for 75 berries) once Team Snakemouth reaches the Termite Capitol and Elizant II leaves the party.

The stat bonuses and upgrades you've applied are taken off Team Snakemouth and distilled into key-item potions that can be reapplied or converted to another kind (for 15 berries each).

Patton is unable to convert ATK, DEF and 1 HP/TP potions into other kinds of potions.

List of Potions[edit | edit source]

Name Also known as... Effect Convertable
Hp potion icon.png
HP Potion
A.K.A. the "Aphid A-Fib"!

'Extracting aphid cuteness has never looked so humane!'

Increases an ally's maximum HP by 1. No
Super hp potion icon.png
Super HP Potion
A.K.A the "Spud Buds"!

'A double portion of potato potion!'

Increases each ally's maximum HP by 1. Yes
Tp potion icon.png
TP Potion
A.K.A. the "Berry Brew"!

'The economic alternative to exploration.'

Increases the party's maximum TP by 1. No
Super tp potion icon.png
Super TP Potion
A.K.A. the "Fat-Tea"!

'If you're not opposed to adipose...'

Increases the party's maximum TP by 3. Yes
Mp potion icon.png
MP Potion
A.K.A. the "Nano-Narcolepsy"!

'A powernap between turns can do wonders.'

Increases the party's MP by 3. Yes
Atk potion icon.png
ATK Potion
A.K.A. the "Not-so-funny Honey"!

'Leave your enemies in stitches!'

Increases an ally's attack by 1. No
Def potion icon.png
DEF Potion
A.K.A. the "Shell Queller"!

'Numbnail ministrations dull painful sensations.'

Increases an ally's defense by 1. No

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Patton is a backer NPC based on the character Patton Normstrom from Revival: A Dungeons and Dragon's Realplay podcast. Elias, Speccy, Jerry and John are mentioned in the orders on Patton's back wall. They are also characters from the podcast.
  • Patton is the only backer NPC that Team Snakemouth is forced to talk to in the main story.
  • Patton's hut is a glass 'Bee-Well' medicine bottle.
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