Numbnails are a somewhat rare creature appearing in Golden Hills. In the demo, they only appear in Bugaria Outskirts and in the Theater. They are strong enemies, with a chance to inflict sleep with their attacks. If the bug at the front of the party gets put to sleep, it's recommended that you switch party order so that the bug will have a chance to wake up. They have a chance to drop Numbnail Darts when defeated.

When attacked, they will hide in their shells, boosting their defense by 2 until the next turn. Kabbu can hit them with his horn to make them come out of their shells.

In Spy Cards, Numbnail can numb one of the opponent's attackers, disabling it.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary This one-eyed snail travels slowly across the Golden region. It was a popular hunting target due to the usefulness of its shell, and the good taste of its meat. It developed sedative laser eyes to fend off its many predators. Thanks to this, they've mostly been left alone in recent times History books use it as the reference point for commodities becoming luxuries.
Vi "Ooh, a Numbnail! I hear Numbnail sedatives go for a lot of berries in the market. I'll try to take some for myself when Kabbu flips it out of the shell!"
Kabbu "Oh, isn't this a Numbnail? I've read it is quite the endangered species! Perhaps we should flee and leave it alone. But if we are left with no other choice, I will bring it out of its shell! Take care with its sedating attacks!"
Leif "What a hideous snail. It's all slimy and disgusting. It's stubborn too, going into its shell when under out attacks. Maybe Kabbu can draw it out? Let's make sure to not be hit by their sedatives."

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Trivia Edit

  • In the demo, despite the fact that Kabbu says that they will inflict numbness, they inflict sleep instead. In the final version, he says 'sedating' attack properly. However, the similar thing later happens to Mimic Spider, where Leif says it has 'numbing properties'.
  • In the demo version, Numbnail's bolt has a white color. In the full game, it's purple instead.
    • Numbnails cannot be put to sleep with items, only if they were attacked by Vi's Needle skills with Sleepy Needles equipped, or if they attack a party member equipped with the Status Mirror Medal. They also have no sleeping animation, putting them to sleep just triggers their hurt animation.
    • This has been patched.
  • In Kabbu's Spy, he says that Numbnails are an 'endangered species,' which could be the reason why they are rarely seen. Another reason could be that they are hunted for their Numbnail Darts, that can be sold for a lot of berries, or made into Sleepy Bombs.
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