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Now now, there's enough Mothiva for all!
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Mothiva (Chapter 2) is the first form of Mothiva as a boss in Bug Fables. Demanding to claim the artifact, she ends up fighting Team Snakemouth in the Golden Hills, alongside her teammate Zasp.

Spy Logs
Bestiary One of Bugaria's most famous idols, Mothiva also works as an explorer. Despite the friendly appearance she gives off to the public, she is ruthless and ambitious. Together with Zasp, she has no qualms being unethical to reach her goals.
Kabbu Mothiva... You are respected and adored by so many! It pains me so to see your true colors...Let's defeat her, and then take care of Zasp!
Vi Tch. I don't even know why I got excited to meet her. She's just another pretentious, snotty bug! I've gotta be careful hitting her though, Zasp gets really mad!
Leif Well, if we didn't care for her shows before, this certainly ain't helping. We should probably knock her out first, even if Zasp gets mad. Let's wrap this up.

Battle Information

In battle, she can sing to deal damage, either hitting one party member 2-3 times or hitting all of them once. She can also walk up to a party member and kick them. If this attack isn't blocked, she will knock them down and repeatedly stomp them for 3 more damage. She can Turn Relay to Zasp, giving him an additional attack, or bolster his Defense with her singing. If Zasp gets KO'd, she can revive him with ? (5) HP.


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  • Only the first fight against Team Mothiva is recorded in the Bestiary.