Mothiva is the popular star of the Theater. Zasp, the wasp warrior, helps her a lot in her career. Together they form Team Mothiva.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Mothiva appears as most moths. Her entire body is cream-coloured with patches of white fluff around her chest, waist, hips and legs. Her wings are also quite fluffy, being primarily used as a cape or robe. Around her antenna is a cherry red decoration that appears similar to a flower.

While in public, Mothiva presents herself as kind and loving towards all of her fans. This is all a facade, however. In truth she is snide, disrespectful towards peers and incredibly vain. She wishes for nothing more than for others to see her as the shining star she believes she is. This is made more apparent during her demo quest when she constantly, yet secretly, berates Team Snakemouth for ruining her show, yet assures herself that the audience enjoyed her presence nonetheless.

Mothiva fight the trio along side Zasp in Chapter 2, trying to prevent them from gaining the Ancient Tablet before Team Mothiva does. In battle, she can sing to deal damage, either hitting one party member 2-3 times or hitting all of them once. She can also walk up to a party member and kick them. If this attack isn't blocked, she will knock them down and repeatedly kick them for 3 more damage. She can Turn Relay to Zasp, giving him an additional attack. If Zasp gets KO'd, she can revive him with ? (5) HP.

Team Mothiva also fight Team Snakemouth in the third fight in the Coliseum in Chapter 6. Her attacks remain the same, but she deals more damage and has more HP. She also revives Zasp with ? (8) HP.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary One of Bugaria's most famous idols, Mothiva also works as an explorer. Despite the friendly appearance she gives off to the public, she is ruthless and ambitious. Together with Zasp, she has no qualms being unethical to reach her goals.
Vi "Tch. I don't even know why I got excited to meet her. She's just another pretentious, snotty bug! I've gotta be careful hitting her though, Zasp gets really mad!"
Kabbu "Mothiva... You are respected and adored by so many! It pains me so to see your true colors...Let's defeat her, and then take care of Zasp!"
Leif "Well, if we didn't care for her shows before, this certainly ain't helping. We should probably knock her out first, even if Zasp gets mad. Let's wrap this up."

Trivia Edit

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