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Mothfly Clusters are an enemy encountered in the Forsaken Lands.

When alone, they can summon two regular Mothflies to fight by their side.

Spy Logs
Bestiary The smartest of all Mothflies, after realizing they had better chances working as a team, conglomerated into this...thing. Sturdier and stronger, enough hits should cause them to go their separate ways .Sometimes, they do stick together even in defeat.
Kabbu Appearances are truly deceiving. I never expected them to possess such strong bonds! Vi, lower them. If we scatter them, the battle is won!
Vi W-What the heck!? I shouldn't have called them so weak...But it's STILL just a bunch of weak Flies together, right? Just gotta keep attacking!
Leif One, cute. Twenty...not cute. This got out of hand really fast. We should be able to freeze them all at once, anyhow.

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