Mothflies are enemies found in Forsaken Lands. They can choose to unite with a Mothfly Cluster or the False Monarch, healing it for the Mothfly's remaining HP.

This adorable blob flies through the Forsaken Lands, searching for food. It's weak, but surprisingly intelligent.They say that when enough of them are nearby, something incredible could happen.

What a harmless creature! It's impressive that it has survived in such a dangerous area. We can't afford to underestimate it, however. Vi! Lower it so that I may strike!

Hey... Isn't this a bit too weak to be hanging around here? I kinda feel bad for it...but I'll smack it down anyways!

Aww... A cute little blob, alone in such a place? If we had more time, we'd consider domesticating it, but... Vi, you know what to do.

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