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Mother Chomper is a boss version of Chomper found in the Chomper Caves. As the name implies, she is the leader of all Chompers (though maybe not the ones in Far Grasslands). Unlike regular Chompers, she is rooted and does not move. She drops a Chomper Seed when defeated, which can be brought up into Chompy.

Spy Logs
Bestiary A Chomper that grew in extremely fertile soil and was exposed to just the right amount of light. She spawns endless Chompers to bring food to her, as she cannot move her roots. Despite that flaw, she is strong beyond belief and can devour bugs in one bite.
Kabbu Ngh, what a formidable beast! And she brings endless reinforcements, as if she wasn't strong enough... It'd be best to freeze the smaller Chompers, while we focus our efforts on this monster!
Vi Eep! I almost got eaten... This thing ain't messing around! She keeps spitting Chompers out... I think I'm gonna beat her up first!
Leif What an incredible appetite this monster has... We can respect that. Our ice magic should prove effective in stalling the smaller ones. Then we can take her down!

Battle Information

She mainly attacks with a life-stealing single-target bite or by spitting volleys of seeds or pollen, and she can also summon small Chompers and deposit them in front of her. In addition to that, her Chompers can also increase her stats and she doubles her turns when she drops to half her max HP, making her a very powerful boss. She is, however, weak to ice and has no defense (1 on Hard Mode).


Due to her natural weakness to ice, ice attacks, especially Ice Rain an ideal choice for the battle. Kabbu's Dash Through is also rather helpful as it can help make quick work of the Chompers that the Mother summons, leaving her unable to boost her stats.


  • During a roundup teaser in 2018, she is shown being fought directly in Golden Hills, with the mid-boss theme instead of the bounty theme.
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