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Hmph. You have no idea what I've faced before. Come and try me. I'll suck your life energy to the husk...!
—Monsieur Scarlet
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Monsieur Scarlet is a miniboss fought in the quest Requesting Assistance. His modus operandi of placing requests under the alias "Rogu" acts as a pretense to him draining the life from unwary explorers.

Spy Logs
Bestiary A vile, flirty criminal who escaped the public eye for many moons. He would post pleas for help in quest boards, and then drain the life from explorers who would come to help. Thanks to Team Celia and Team Snakemouth, his face has become known. He has since gone missing to escape pursuit.
Kabbu Scarlet! How dare you hurt our comrades, and attack so many others! Using your looks to allure innocent explorers, draining their lives with your attacks...! We will bring you to justice, fiend!
Vi We've got that jerk right where we want him! But yikes... That umbrella hurts a lot! And it heals him too! It's super annoying... We'll have to go all out!
Leif Tch. What a despicable criminal. We could respect his skill, if not for our distaste of him. We must attack at full strength to offset his cumbersome healing!


Any time after starting Chapter 3: Factory Inspection, Monsieur Scarlet can be fought inside the old tunnel in the quest Requesting Assistance. His ambush operation was discovered by Levi and Celia, who enlisted the assistance of Team Snakemouth in apprehending the criminal. Though defeated, Scarlet would flee the explorers after their fight, but with his anonymity compromised by his latest victims surviving, he would no longer be able to act openly in Bugaria.

Battle Information

Noticeably difficult for how early his quest becomes available, all of Scarlet's attacks deal significant damage and heal back 50% or 75% of the damage dealt (depending on whether he's below the threshold for his attack to increase). Team Snakemouth is recommended to come prepared for a full offensive to outpace his healing.

As his HP grows lower, Scarlet will permanently boost his stats -- boosting his attack at the first threshold and (on Hard Mode) boosting his defense at the second. Leif's Frigid Coffin or other turn-ending status effects can assist in delaying these buffs.

If defeated on Hard Mode, Artis will reward Team Snakemouth with the Life Stealer Medal.


  • Monsieur Scarlet is the only male ant encountered in the game.
  • Scarlet has a husband, according to his creator.

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