Mimic Spiders are enemies that imitate ants until approached. In Hard Mode, their Spit attack may fire a third time.

Bestiary These Spiders roam around the Forsaken Lands looking for innocent travelers to snack on. Being able to stand upright, they can mimic the way other bugs like Ants move, even using their front legs as fake antennae.Their sedating saliva can be a real pain in the neck.
Kabbu Greetings, fellow Ant. What brings you to thi-...?! BY THE BLESSED STATUE OF THE GODDESS VENUS!!! You cursed fiend! How dare you spook me so!? I shall strike you down!
Vi Hiya-AAAAAAHH!!! Huff...Huff... Heck this. You're going DOWN! As if you could put us to sleep after that scare!
Leif This beast's quite aggressive. Its attacks seem to have numbing properties, so......? Vi! Kabbu! Stop freaking out and assist us!


  • Leif's Spy suggests that Mimic Spiders actually has numbing properties while they sedate their opponents instead. The similar thing happened to Numbnails in the v0.4 demo when Kabbu said it has numbing attacks.
  • In Cave of Trials, Mimic Spiders use their disguise animations before the battle begins.
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