Midges are enemies found in Bugaria Outskirts in the cave that leads to Golden Path. If multiple Midges or the Broodmother (in this case, attacking the Midge enemy will not cause the boss's counterattack) is in a single battle, attacking any of them will cause the others to attack the party for free and fly up if they were grounded before. It's highly recommended to have Leif use Icefall against them before attacking with other characters to freeze some of them and prevent them from using their counter attack. Like other flying enemies, being attacked while airborne will have them drop to the ground.

Note that their Charge attack does less damage than their free Counter-Attack move, so it's important to take individuals Midges out quickly. Also, the damage done by their Suck attack is not reduced by Back Support.

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Bestiary Midges are said to be distant relatives of Mosquitoes, but making that comparison is a quick way to get in a fight. Usually found in caves, Midges hunt together and will protect each other when a member of their pack is attacked. They can use their proboscises to suck fluids from their prey, recovering from any damage received extremely quickly. Said proboscis also doubles as a sharp weapon, which they will not shy away from using to pierce enemies.
Vi "Ugh! I've got stings everywhere! It just keeps hitting me back! I should try to take it out in one attack!"
Kabbu "Midges... Their stings get so itchy! But even so... I should draw in their group attacks so Vi can knock them all down safely!"
Leif "These creatures... When we hit one, the rest gang up on us. We should try freezing them all at once, to see what they'll do then."

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