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Metal Lake is an aquatic area in Bugaria. The lake formed from the river that crosses Bugaria Outskirts, named after its famous touristic spot, the Metal Island.


The team travels in this area with the submarine they obtain in Termite Capitol. Southeast of this area is the Peacock Island, while the Northeast edge of the lake is the Rubber Prison. In the center is the Metal Island. Northwest is the Fishing Village, middlewest being the Bugaria Pier while the Southwest is the Termite Capitol. Some water enemies can be found here.


Metal Island

Main article: Metal Island

An artificial Island in the center of Metal Lake. There are many shops that sells expensive goods here, and a hotel connected to the Spy Cards tournament is on the North of the island.

Peacock Island

Main article: Peacock Island

A small island with a cave behind a waterfall. It hides the deadly Peacock Spider.



  • This submarine the player uses here looks much larger comparing to the ones the player see when they are at a pier.
  • Visiting the Fishing Village without fighting Riz previously changes the dialogue slightly, as his family will react with fear until he's fought on the opposite entrance. Riz will also assume Team Snakemouth has poached the village before the fight if approached through this method.