Menu Codes are secret phrases that may be entered in place of a name when creating a new save file. Entering one alters the gameplay of the save file. Multiple codes may be enabled at the same time.

After entering a code at least once, pressing HELP on a blank file on the file select screen will display a menu showing all previously entered codes, allowing them to be toggled on or off.

Menu codes do not need to be found in-game to be used.

Code Description Reveal Method
  • The game is permanently in Hard Mode.
  • Wearing the Hard Mode medal turns Team Snakemouth into Pibu.
  • All enemies have 15% more HP and deal 1 more damage.
  • After Chapter 2 starts: all enemies deal 1 more damage.
  • After Chapter 3 starts: all enemies have 1 more defense.
  • Members of Team Maki have 1 additional point of damage and defense.
Beat both Termacade highscores and talk to the Termacade shopkeeper.
  • The amount of Exploration Points required to rank up increases by 5 instead of increasing smoothly over the ranks starting at 1.
  • If RUIGEE is on, the cost of ranking up is increased by a flat rate of 5%.
Achieve a score of 30 or more in Whack-a-Worm.
FRAMEONE Only Super Blocks are possible. Talk to Shades after buying out his shop.
MYSTERY? Talk to the bug next to Merab after buying out his shop.
  • Exploration Points can't be gained.
  • Medals that require MP cost 1 MP.
  • Eetl can rank up MP with berries after completing Parts Delivery
    • The first rank up costs 30 berries. Each additional rank costs 10 more (the total cost is increased by 5% if MOREFARM is on).
  • No stats are rewarded at ranks 21, 24, and 27.
Talk to Eetl after completing all quests.
TUFFBUGS Identical to activating FRAMEONE, HARDEST, RUIGEE, and MOREFARM. None


  • RUIGEE is a reference to "Luigi" and Paper Mario: Luigi's Challenge, where the player gains no EXP, but can equip a lot of Badges
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