Menu Codes are certain combinations of characters that can be typed into the name of a save file when creating one. They'll affect the how the game plays, usually making it more challenging. They can be used by default, but the intended way for players to find them is by completing certain objectives. Multiple menu codes can be enabled at once.

After entering a code at least once, pressing the tattle button on a blank file in the file select screen will bring up a secret menu that allows you to toggle RUIGEE, HARDEST, FRAMEONE, MOREFARM, and MYSTERY? on or off without having to manually type them in.

Code Description Reveal Method
HARDEST Makes the game even harder than in Hard Mode. Beat both Termacade highscores and talk to the Termacade shopkeeper
MOREFARM More Exploration Points are required to level up. Achieve a score of 30 or more in Whack-a-Worm
FRAMEONE Reduces the window for blocking; only Super Blocks are possible. Talk to Shades after buying out his shop

All Medals are randomized in locations and cannot be revealed until picked up.

Talk to the bug next to Merab's shop after buying out the shop
RUIGEE No Exploration Points are gained. MP can be leveled up with berries by talking to Eetl, and all medals that cost MP now cost 1 MP. Talk to Eetl after completing all quests
PUSHROCK Changes every character's sprite into Tanjerin. Does not change the appearance of 3D models such as Spider. Defeat TANGYBUG

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • RUIGEE is likely a reference to "Luigi" and Paper Mario: Luigi's Challenge, where you gain no EXP, but you can equip lots of Badges
  • Equipping the Hard Mode medal while in HARDEST mode won't add any extra challenge. Instead, it will turn Team Snakemouth's sprites into Pibu, even when PUSHROCK is active.
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