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Menu Codes are secret phrases that may be entered when naming a new save file. Upon entering a menu code successfully, a sound effect will play. Each menu code alters the gameplay of the save file. Multiple codes may be enabled at the same time. After inputting codes, the player can then input a valid name for the save file and play with the modified save file.

After entering a code at least once, pressing HELP on a blank file on the file select screen will display a menu showing all previously entered codes, allowing them to be toggled on or off when creating a new save file.

Menu codes do not need to be found in-game to be used.

Code Description Reveal Method
  • The game is permanently in Hard Mode.
  • Wearing the Hard Mode medal turns Team Snakemouth into Pibu. The only effects of the medal are cosmetic.
  • All enemies have 15% more HP and deal 1 more damage.
  • After defeating Venus Guardian: all enemies deal 1 more damage.
  • After beginning Chapter 4: all enemies have 1 more defense.
  • Chompy's attack power is 1 higher.
  • Members of Team Maki have 1 additional point of damage and defense.
Beat both Termacade highscores and talk to the Termacade shopkeeper.
  • The amount of Exploration Points required to rank up increases by 5 instead of increasing smoothly over the ranks starting at 1.
  • If RUIGEE is on, the cost of ranking up is increased by a flat rate of 5%.
Achieve a score of 30 or more in Whack-a-Worm.
  • Only Super Blocks are possible.
Talk to Shades after buying out his shop.
MYSTERY? Talk to the bug next to Merab after buying out his shop.
  • Exploration Points can't be gained.
  • Medals that require MP cost 1 MP.
  • Eetl can rank up MP with berries after completing Parts Delivery
    • The first rank up costs 30 berries. Each additional rank costs 10 more (the total cost is increased by 5% if MOREFARM is on).
  • No stats are rewarded at ranks 21, 24, and 27.
Talk to Eetl after completing all quests.
  • Identical to activating FRAMEONE, HARDEST, RUIGEE, and MOREFARM.


  • RUIGEE is a reference to "Luigi" and Paper Mario: Luigi's Challenge, where the player gains no EXP, but can equip a large amounts of Badges, which are the equivalent to Medals.