Menders are robots found in Honey Factory. They mainly serves as NPC there, and they operate the mechanisms in the factory. Three broken Menders also appear in the factory as enemies during the 'Helpers needed at once' quest. They have a defense similar to Golden Seedlings, that all attacks only do 1 damage to them, but they do not have any offensive attacks, and all the player has to do is just to keep hitting them with normal attacks until they are defeated. After defeating all three Menders, the player can talk to Malbee to receive the reward.

Locations of Menders Edit

  • In the center of Honey Factory, near the leftmost geyser.
  • The Honey Pump, on the other side of the factory tram.
  • In the room with electrified panels and cranks.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary These automated mechanical helpers are both adorable and extremely capable. Their countless unpaid hours of support ensure the factory runs well while most Bees sleep. Sometimes they get a bit wacky, but scientists assure their existentialism is nothingmore than glitches.
Vi "These things won't shut up! And they're super sturdy! At least they don't fight back... Time to whack them!"
Kabbu "This poor creature... Its wails of distress reach me to the core. Maybe I should relay to let Vi and Leif deal with this..."
Leif "These are way too cute. We should ask for one later. Maybe a plushie, even? Shame there's not much to do other than beat them up..."

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