Medals are collectable items in Bug Fables that provide stat boosts, special abilities, bonuses, and new Skills. Medals use a certain amount of MP when equipped, and can be freely equipped and unequipped while out of battle. Each Medal grants a unique effect to a single party member or the entire party.

There are 80 different types of Medals and 108 to collect in total. Medals are acquired by completing Quests, by purchasing them from merchants, and by finding them at various locations in the world. Medals received from Artis as Hard Mode rewards for defeating Bosses will be available for purchase at the Caravan if their corresponding Bosses were defeated in Normal Mode.

MP[edit | edit source]

MP is required to equip most Medals. Medals may cost anywhere from 0 to 8 MP to equip. If the "RUIGEE" Menu Code is active, all Medals with an MP cost higher than 1 MP will cost only 1 MP.

List of Medals[edit | edit source]

Name MP Description and Effect Location(s)
Hard mode icon.png
Hard Mode
0 Boosts enemy strength, but gives you more EXP and rewards.
Enables Hard Mode, changing enemy behavior and stats. Artis will give medals as rewards for defeating bosses while equipped.
EXP gained is increased by 15%.
Hard hits icon.png
Hard Hits
0 Raises enemy attack, but doubles berry reward. Perfect for an extra challenge!
Attacks are boosted by 25%.
Bug me not! icon.png
Bug Me Not!
1 Defeats any weak enemies on the field upon touching them!
Enemies that no longer give EXP will be defeated instantly on touch and will rarely drop berries.
Extra freeze icon.png
Extra Freeze
0 Increases the time Leif can freeze enemies in the overworld.
Hp plus icon.png
HP Plus
2 Increases an ally's HP by 2.
Tp plus icon.png
TP Plus
3 Increases the party's TP by 3.
Exp booster icon.png
EXP Booster
1 Boosts EXP earned after battle, but reduces the party's attack by 1.
EXP gained is increased by 50%.
Last attack icon.png
Last Attack
4 Increases an ally's attack by 1 when low on HP.
Increases the equipped ally's attack by 1 when their health falls below 5.
Last stand icon.png
Last Stand
4 Increases an ally's defense by 2 when low on HP.
Increases the equipped ally's defense by 2 when their health falls below 5.
Super block+ icon.png
Super Block+
2 Increases damage blocked with the Super Block by 1.
Block heal icon.png
Block Heal
4 If the equipped ally performs a Super Block, they heal 1 HP.
Power exchange icon.png
Power Exchange
5 Boosts an ally's attack by 1, but also reduces their defense by 1.
Defense exchange icon.png
Defense Exchange
5 Boosts an ally's defense by 1, but also reduces their attack by 1.
Front support icon.png
Front Support
8 Boosts the ally's at the front defense by 1.
Back support icon.png
Back Support
5 Boosts an ally's at the back defense by 1.
  • Found in the Golden Hills in the western area, behind a bush.
Triumph buzz icon.png
Triumph Buzz
3 After a successful battle, the party recovers 2 HP.
Victory buzz icon.png
Victory Buzz
3 After a successful battle, the party will recover 4 TP.
Antlion jaws icon.png
Antlion Jaws
5 Boosts an ally's basic attack, making them ignore 1 point of enemy defense.
Resist all icon.png
Resist All
3 Decreases an ally's chances of receiving bad status effects by 50%.
Sleep resistance icon.png
Sleep Resistance
1 Decreases an ally's chances of falling asleep by 50%.
  • Purchase from Merab for 30 berries (Chapter 2).
  • Reward from quest: Lost Toy
Heavy sleeper icon.png
Heavy Sleeper
2 The equipped ally won't be woken up by attacks. Being asleep halves damage and heals more each turn.
Sleep healing increases from 10% of max HP to 30% per turn. Damage taken is halved while asleep. Damage does not cure sleep.
Freeze resistance icon.png
Freeze Resistance
1 Decreases an ally's chances of being frozen by 50%.
Frostbite icon.png
2 Reduces a frozen ally's damage taken by half, and gives a chance to freeze the striking enemy upon contact.
Also reflects direct damage while frozen.
Numb resistance icon.png
Numb Resistance
1 Decreases an ally's chances of being numbed by 50%.
Shock trooper icon.png
Shock Trooper
2 The equipped ally receives no damage while paralyzed.
  • Honey Factory Storage Room; drop into a hidden area from atop the boxes.
Poison resistance icon.png
Poison Resistance
1 Decreases an ally's chances of being poisoned by 50%.
Poison attacker icon.png
Poison Attacker
3 Increases an ally's attack while poisoned by 1.
Poison defender icon.png
Poison Defender
2 Increases an ally's defense while poisoned by 1.
Weak stomach icon.png
Weak Stomach
1 Makes any healing item also poison the equipped ally.
Items that heal HP or TP will also poison the eater for 3 turns. Items that cure poison will not prevent it. Does not work with Secret Stash or Sharing Stash
  • Talk to Chubee after the Golden Festival's eating competition OR lose the festival's eating competition OR from the caravan for 45 berries after the festival ends.
Poison touch icon.png
Poison Touch
2 If the equipped ally is directly attacked while poisoned, the attacker has a chance of getting poisoned.
Reverse toxin icon.png
Reverse Toxin
3 Being poisoned heals the equipped ally instead. However, it reduces defense by 1 while poisoned.
Eternal venom icon.png
Eternal Venom
2 The equipped ally will not naturally heal from poison.
  • Wild Swamplands; the ice puzzle room. Move an ice block onto a brown button. Stand on the lowered elevator and freeze the water drop to break the ice, raising the elevator back up.
Favorite one icon.png
Favorite One
3 Increases an ally's damage taken, but makes the rest of the party angry upon seeing their friend hurt.
The equipped ally's defence is decreased by 1. If the equipped ally is attacked, the other members gain 1 Charge. This effect can only trigger once per turn.
Life stealer icon.png
Life Stealer
2 Reduces an ally's attack by 1, but their attacks will steal life from enemies.
Reduces an ally's attack by 1. All attacks and skills heal the equipped ally for half of the damage dealt to each enemy. Multi-hit skills heal only once. Skills with action commands in between hits heal each hit. If Life Cast is also equipped, only one fourth of damage dealt is healed.
Leaf cloak icon.png
Leaf Cloak
2 Camouflages the equipped ally, making them get targeted less often by enemies.
Heal plus icon.png
Heal Plus
2 Healing items used by the equipped bug will heal 1 more HP.
Also affects Secret Stash and Sharing Stash.
Hp core icon.png
HP Core
2 The equipped ally recovers 2 HP every 2 turns.
Tp core icon.png
TP Core
3 The party recovers 2 TP every 2 turns.
Tp saver icon.png
TP Saver
5 Reduces an ally's TP costs by 1.
*Works with Life Cast.
Life cast icon.png
Life Cast
2 Skills cost HP instead of TP for the equipped bug but they cost 1 point less to use.
The equipped party member's skills use HP instead of TP and cost 1 point less to use. A skill cannot be used if it would drop the user's HP to 0. If Life Steal is also equipped, the damage recovered from it is reduced from 1/2 to 1/4 the damage dealt. Stacks with TP Saver.
Miracle matter icon.png
Miracle Matter
3 If the equipped ally falls in battle, they will revive in 2 turns.
Allies revive with 2 HP. Allies equipped with both copies will revive in 1 turn.
Status booster icon.png
Status Booster
3 Grants a higher chance to inflict status effects on enemies with the equipped party member.
Affects Frigid Coffin less than other skills.
Prayer icon.png
3 The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command recovers 2 HP as well.
Meditation icon.png
2 The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command recovers 1 TP as well.
Reflection icon.png
3 The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command increases defense for 1 turn.
First plating icon.png
First Plating
4 The first hit dealt to the equipped bug does no damage in battle.
Status relay icon.png
Status Relay
1 When relaying, the equipped ally will transfer ALL statuses and charges to the relayed ally.
  • Purchase from Merab for 50 berries (Chapter 5).
Random start icon.png
Random Start
2 The equipped ally starts the battle with a random status buff/condition.
Possible effects: Poison for 2 turns, +1 defense for 2 turns, 1 extra turn, or 2 charges.
Strong start icon.png
Strong Start
2 The equipped ally starts the battle with an extra turn, but their exhaustion ramps up quicker.
The equipped party member will start the battle with 1 extra turn. However, the attack drop of this extra turn is increased by 1. Has no effect past the first turn.
Berserker icon.png
6 Increases an ally's attack by 3, but makes them unable to use Skills, Blocking, Items, Relay or be relayed to.
  • Dig through a crack on the far left side of the Chomper Cave.
Hard charge icon.png
Hard Charge
2 Allow the equipped bug to use the "Hard Charge" skill, which grants maximum charge in exchange for HP.
Tardigrade shield icon.png
Tardigrade Shield
1 Grants the equipped bug the "Sturdy" skill, which increases defense and grants status immunity for 1 turn.
Status mirror icon.png
Status Mirror
3 If the equipped bug gets a status effect, the caster gets that effect as well.
Does not apply to DEF or ATK down.
  • Giant's Lair; Fly southward across pits immediately before the red crystal.
Poison needles icon.png
Poison Needles
3 Grants poisoning power to Vi's needle skills.
  • Purchase from Merab for 65 berries (Chapter 3).
Sleepy needles icon.png
Sleepy Needles
3 Grants sleepy power to Vi's needle skills.
  • Purchase from Merab for 60 berries (Chapter 6).
Electric needles icon.png
Electric Needles
3 Grants numbing power to Vi's needle skills.
Heavy throw icon.png
Heavy Throw
2 Grants Vi the "Heavy Throw" skill, which can deal high damage to an enemy.
Spiky bod icon.png
Spiky Bod
3 When blocking, Kabbu will damage enemies that touch him with his horn.
Successfully blocking an attack that makes direct contact with Kabbu will deal damage to the attacker. Spiky Bod deals 1 damage when Blocking and Super Blocking. For each Super Block+ equipped, Super Blocks will deal 1 extra damage.
Deep taunt icon.png
Deep Taunt
1 Kabbu's taunt will now reduce enemies' defense by 1, but increase their attack by 1.
Mighty pebble icon.png
Mighty Pebble
1 Grants Kabbu the Pebble Toss skill, which can target an airborne enemy.
Mightier pebble icon.png
Mightier Pebble
3 Grants Kabbu the Boulder Toss skill, which can target airborne enemies.
Empower icon.png
2 Grants Leif the Empower skill, which boosts an ally's attack for 2 turns.
Empower+ icon.png
3 Grants Leif the Empower+ skill, which boosts the entire party's attack for 3 turns.
Fortify icon.png
2 Grants Leif the Fortify skill, which boosts an ally's defense for 2 turns.
  • Defiant Root; Fly left from above the inn. Hidden behind some boxes.
Fortify+ icon.png
3 Grants Leif the Fortify+ skill, which boosts the entire party's defense for 3 turns.
Enfeeble icon.png
2 Grants Leif the Enfeeble skill, which reduces an enemy's attack for 2 turns.
Enfeeble+ icon.png
3 Grants Leif the Enfeeble+ skill, which reduces all enemies' attack for 3 turns.
Break icon.png
2 Grants Leif the Break skill, which reduces an enemy's defense for 2 turns.
Break+ icon.png
3 Grants Leif the Break+ skill, which reduces all enemies' defense for 3 turns.
Charge up icon.png
Charge Up
2 Grants Leif the Charge Up skill, which increases an ally's attack by 1 until their next attack. Stacks 3 times.
  • Enter the locked house in the Ant Kingdom's main plaza and access the Inn's roof. The key can be bought for 150 berries at the Hive's residential balcony (Chapter 4).
Charge up+ icon.png
Charge Up+
3 Grants Leif the Charge Up+ skill, which boosts the entire party's power by 1 until their next attack. Stacks 3 times.
Crazy prepared icon.png
Crazy Prepared
1 Prevents enemies from striking first outside of battle.
Secure pouch icon.png
Secure Pouch
1 A medal made by Prof. Honeycomb. Makes enemies unable to steal items.
Berries are not lost when fleeing.
  • Purchase from Merab for 30 berries (Chapter 3).
A.d.b.p. enhancer icon.png
A.D.B.P. Enhancer
3 A Medal by Prof. Honeycomb. Increases the amount of times some Beemerang skills can hit.
Causes Vi's Tornado Toss, Hurricane Toss, and Needle Toss skills to hit 1 additional time, but also increases TP cost by 1.
  • Talk to Prof. Honeycomb after finding the Tardigarde Shield Medal and the Heavenly Key.
Spy specs icon.png
Spy Specs
1 A medal made by Dr. HB. Allows the party to see enemy HP without spying.
HP of enemies in battle is visible even if they have not been added to the bestiary. Spying costs no turns and will not have any action commands.
  • Complete three waves of Mini-Boss Rush or six waves of Boss Rush in B.O.S.S.
Detector icon.png
0 A medal made by Dr. HB. Beeps if there are interesting objects nearby.
If the party enters a screen with a not yet obtained Crystal Berry, Medal, Key Item or Discovery, an icon will display above the leader's head and make a sound.
  • Complete three waves of Boss Rush or six waves of Mini-Boss Rush in B.O.S.S.
Quick flea icon.png
Quick Flea
1 A favorite to those who know when to retreat. Makes fleeing battles a bit easier.
Reduces the Flee command from 6 to 3 inputs.
Seedling affinity icon.png
Seedling Affinity
1 This golden token shows your affinity to Seedlings! Increases the chances of finding special things...
Increases the chances of encountering a Golden Seedling in a fight from 1% per seedling to 2.5% per seedling. (7.5% to 18.75% in Seedling Haven).
Berry finder icon.png
Berry Finder
3 Increases berries found after defeating enemies.
Increases berry reward by 25%.
Luckier day icon.png
Luckier Day
0 This legendary Medal by Keifer is sure to make you feel lucky while fighting!
Replaces all Action Command reactions with "UnBEElievable!", regardless of the actual result of the command. A cosmetic effect.
  • Purchase from Shades for 2 Crystal Berries. (Chapter 2)
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