Medals are equippable items that are found doing sidequests, purchasing them from stores or hidden in the over world. They can sometimes be equipped to a single person, or for the entire party. They require MP in order to be equipped.

Each medal grants different effects, but duplicates of some are avaliable and stack with each other.

This is a list of all medals in the demo:

Icon Name Effect Obtained MP Cost Equipped On
Hard Mode Changes how some enemy parameters work in battle, allow the party to receive prizes from Artis when defeating special enemies with it equipped. 0 All Party
Speed Up A basic field medal, increases the party's movement speed by 15% on the over world. 1 All Party
HP Plus Increases the MAX HP of the equipped party member by 2. 2 Single Person
TP Plus Increases the party's MAX TP by 5. 3 All Party
Spy Specs

A medal made by Dr. HB.

Shows enemy HP even if you haven't spied them. It does not add them to the spy list however.

1 All Party

A medal made by Dr. HB.

While equipped, if the party enters a map with a not yet obtained Crystal Berry, Medal or Discovery, the medal will display a warning on top of the leader's head.

1 All Party
Poison Resistance Decreases the chances of the equipped person of being poisoned when not blocking by 50%. 2 Single Person
Poison Attacker Increases the attack power of the equipped person by 1 while poisoned. 3 Single Person
Poison Defender Increases the defense power of the equipped person by 1 while poisoned. 2 Single Person
Sleep Resistance Decreases the chances of the equipped person of being put to sleep when not blocking by 50%. 1 Single Person
Spiky Bod When blocking, Beetle will deal 1 damage to enemies that attack him directly as long as they have more than 1 HP. 2 All Party
Mighty Pebble Grants Beetle the Pebble Toss skill. 2 All Party
Break Grants Moth the Break skill. 2 All Party
Berserker Doubles the base attack of the equipped party member, but makes them unable to use items, use skills, relay or receive relays. 8 Single Person
Bug Me Not! Defeat any enemies that no longer give much EXP in the over world upon touching them. 4 All Party