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Stay safe, you three. The sands are unforgiving to those unprepared!
—The Mayor
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The Mayor (real name Emmet[1]) of Defiant Root is a giant wētā who knew Kabbu prior to the events of Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. He offers advice and supplies to the team on multiple occasions.

His quest, Want to Relive Memories..., is available in Chapter 4.


He has goldenrod skin and a beige belly. His shell is dark brown. His antennae are also quite large.


One of the cheeriest bugs in all of Bugaria, he is always seen with a smile on his face. He likes to watch others play Whack-a-Worm, and was honored to host the competition at the Golden Festival.

He is a highly generous bug, who, before the events of the game, gave Kabbu a place to stay in Defiant Root. He treats Kabbu's friends, Vi and Leif, with that same hospitality. On multiple occasions, he gifts the team large amounts of berries, which he insists on doing, despite Kabbu's concerns.

He also seems to be well-read and scholarly, with some knowledge about the artifacts, as he tells the team that they need the Heaven and Earth keys to enter the Sand Castle.


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