Mantidfly is a flying enemy encountered in the Far Grasslands.

Mantidflies are unique among normal enemies in that they always take two actions per turn. Combined with their high damage attacks, it makes them very dangerous enemies.

Mantidflies can slash or lunge to attack. They will land on the ground after slashing, unlike their other attacks. They can grab a single bug, fly high into the air with them and pile driver them into the ground for high damage. The grab can be escaped with a Button Mash/Button Sequence action command, and the pile driver itself is still blockable on failure.

Because of their high damage attacks and ability to make two attacks per round, you should focus fire on Mantidflies to bring them down quickly while using Freeze to not give them an opportunity to act.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary Resembling Wasps more than Mantids, yet unrelated to both, these fast hunters surprise explorers with their intelligence. Their appetite demands they hunt for food, pillaging anything they can. To prevent being confused with them, Wasps have a unique salute while scouting the Far Grasslands.
Vi "T-the Wasps found us! ...Oh what? What bug is this? Well, whatever. It's just another enemy I've gotta smack to the ground!"
Kabbu "On your guard, everyone! We are under attack by a wasp scout! Vi, you must force it to land on the ground. I can defeat it then!"
Leif "Did they really fall for this disguise? Those two... That aside, this enemy's got quite the varied skillset. We'll have to watch out while we block."

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