Madesphy is a enemy encountered in the Far Swamplands. They, similarly to the Inichas, have high defense unless they're flipped over by Kabbu's horn.

Both of Madesphy's attacks hit all party members. They can either briefly roll in place before quickly charging through the entire party, or shriek, numbing everyone on a failed block. The tell that it's about to shriek is a glint effect at it's eye before the attack.

Their party wide attacks can build up damage surprisingly quickly, so it's recommended that you Freeze them if there are other enemies. Frozen Drill can flip and Freeze it simultaneously.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary With a face only a mother could love, the Madesphy grumpily trudges along the swamplands. It's poisonous to eat, thorny to touch, and deafening to hear its wails. One could say it has adapted to its habitat perfectly.
Vi "E-Eep! Kabbu, flip it over! It's so creepy! I get numb just hearing it! As if the swamp wasn't spooky enough... Huff! Okay... I'm fine now. Let's go!"
Kabbu "What a pitiful creature, born to bear the face of evil and treat others so poorly...I shall lower its guard, so that we may dispatch it swiftly before its wails can stun us!"
Leif "This is...the most hideous critter we've ever encountered. Its dreadful voice shocks us to the core...We hope its high defenses protect its self-esteem as well. Kabbu, flip it over. We've got a special icicle waiting for it."

Trivia Edit

  • This enemy was first reveal in the November Roundup.
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