Lore Books are Key Items found in Bugaria. They belong to the Library of Anthill Palace and can be returned to complete the 'Lost Books' quest.

Here's a list of Lore Books.

Book Number Location Location Image (if need be)
1 Behind the far-right bookcase in the library
2 Found behind the Sunset Inn, behind a cuttable bush, in the Golden Settlement
3 Found behind some boxes directly left of the Museum in Defiant Root
4 Found in the same room as all your items in the Bandit's Hideout
5 Near the save crystal in the Fishing Village
6 Under a dig spot, under a boulder, in the room directly east of the Golden Settlement.
7 In between some boxes, outside of the Colosseum, in the Termite Capitol
8 Found near the Underground Tavern, as a dig spot
9 Inside of Madeleine's house, after completing the "Butler Missing Again!" sidequest.
10 Found by flying to the left of the Mothfly Cluster, at the bottom of the room with boulders blocking windy pipes in Forsaken Lands
11 Found in the Far Grasslands, in the room with the lake (near the entrance of Wasp Kingdom), around the lake.
12 Found in the Forsaken Lands by going immediately left from the entrance.
13 Reward for completing the "Book Return!" sidequest
14 Reward for completing the "Butler Missing!" sidequest.
15 Reward for completing the "My Brother is Lost!" sidequest
16 Found after flying right from the roof of the Inn in the Termite Capitol
17 Reward for completing the "Stolen Item" sidequest
18 Reward for completing the "It's Time...!" sidequest.
19 Under a dig spot, in the Scarlet secret room in the cave connecting Bugaria to the Golden Path
20 Reward for completing the "Want to relive memories..." sidequest. You will have to use the key given to you to unlock the locked door behind the Mayor's House in Defiant Root.
21 Reward for completing the "Explorer Check!" sidequest
22 Found in a dig spot in the Ancient City, in the Forsaken Lands, on the right side near the entrance.
23 Reward for completing the "In Search of Something" sidequest, found by talking to the hermit bug across the river, near the cave leading to the Golden Hills.
24 Found in the room above the Defiant Root inn after reuniting the two innkeepers. You first have to ask the Defiant Root innkeeper what's wrong, then talk to the bug standing in the middle of the Termite City's inn's lobby, then return to Defiant Inn and the room will be unlocked.
25 Reward for clearing the "Best Friend In The Fog!" quest.
26 Talk to Kenny in this order: Golden Settlement, Bee Kingdom, Defiant Root, Ant Kingdom, Termite Kingdom, Golden Settlement.

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