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Lore Books are items found across Bugaria. They belong to the Ant Kingdom Library and can be returned to Brooke to be read and to complete the quest Lost Books.

Lore Book stories are always unlocked in the same order regardless of which ones are returned.

Lore Books
# Location
1 Behind the far-right bookcase in the library
2 Found behind the Sunset Inn, behind a cuttable bush, in the Golden Settlement
3 Found behind some boxes directly left of the Museum in Defiant Root
4 Found in the same room as all your items in the Bandit's Hideout
5 Near the save crystal in the Fishing Village
6 Under a dig spot, under a boulder, in the room directly east of the Golden Settlement.
7 In between some boxes, outside of the Colosseum, in the Termite Capitol
8 Found near the Underground Tavern, as a dig spot
9 Reward for completing Butler Missing!
10 Found by flying to the left of the Mothfly Cluster, at the bottom of the room with boulders blocking windy pipes in Forsaken Lands
11 Found in the Far Grasslands, in the room with the lake (near the entrance of Wasp Kingdom), immediately right of the entrance.
12 Found in the Forsaken Lands by going immediately left from the entrance.
13 Reward for completing Book Return!
14 Inside of Madeleine's house after completing Butler Missing Again!
15 Reward for completing My Brother is Gone!
16 Found after flying right from the roof of the Inn in the Termite Capitol
17 Reward for completing Stolen Item
18 Reward for completing It's Time...!
19 Inside a dig spot in the Monsieur Scarlet's secret room inside the cave connecting the Bugaria Outskirts to the Golden Path
20 Inside The Mayor's locked storeroom in Defiant Root. They key is given after completing Want to Relive Memories...
21 Reward for completing Explorer Check!
22 Found in a dig spot in the Ancient City, in the Forsaken Lands, on the right side near the entrance.
23 Reward for completing In Search of Something
24 Found in the room above the Defiant Root inn after reuniting the two innkeepers. First, ask the Defiant Root innkeeper "Are you okay?". After completing the Colosseum at least once, talk to the Termite standing in the middle of the Termite City's inn's lobby. Return to the Defiant Root inn and the room will be unlocked.
25 Reward for clearing the Best Friend In The Fog!
26 Talk to Kenny in this order: Golden Settlement, Bee Kingdom, Defiant Root, Ant Kingdom, Termite Kingdom, Golden Settlement.

Lore Book Contents

Our Lifespan Before the day of Awakening, they say we used to live very little... Only a few days or Moons!

And most of that time, we were helpless larvae... Marriage marked the end of life!
It's inconceivable nowadays. For one, we don't even remember being larvae!
Truly, becoming an adult is like being born. And then, we get to enjoy this beautiful land for many years.
It's hard to not pity our ancestors, who had to give up life soon after becoming aware of it...!

The Crowning of Elizant II After tears were shed over Elizant's too sudden retirement, it was time to crown the new Queen.

Elizant's speech radiated power over kindness, leaving many uneasy.
Altough everyone cheered, doubt and fear festered amongst the populace.
They could only wait and pray their new Queen would be just.

Ladybug Exile It had been just one moon after Queen Elizant II took the throne.

Farmer ants kept reporting the disappearance of many Aphid Eggs!
After a thorough investigation, a band of seventeen ladybugs were found to be the culprits.
Yes, seventeen!
Her Majesty acted quick, and restricted entry of most ladybugs from the Ant Kingdom.
As of the time this book was written, many special permits are required for them to visit.
The move was seen as very controversial, and has been the Queen's most criticized decision.
It remains to be seen how our generation will handle the shifts caused by this event.

Lesser Bugs After the Day of Awakening, many bugs changed form, We "evolved" to be able to live as we do now.

But not all bugs evolved, some remained untouched by the awakening. We call them "lesser bugs".
Spiders, Midges, Weevils and some others did not gain sentience. They remained unchanged.
The causes for that are still being researched. But unless another "Day of Awakening" happens, it will be difficult to study the changes.
However, it's been concluded lesser bugs have become more ferocious and will attack bugs that come near them.

The Everlasting Sapling It is said that the sapling was a creation of the roaches.

The legends of the saplings have brought the first settlers to Bugaria, bringing upon the creation of the Ant Kingdom.
According to legends, it is said that eating even one of its leaves will grant immortality to the bug that eats it.
Our only clue to its whereabouts are artifacts mentioned in ancient texts.
They say one resides in Snakemouth Den, but its dangers have proven too much to conquer.
Was it truly made by the Roaches? Could it have caused the Roaches to vanish?
I hope this chapter of history will be cleared up in my lifetime.

Snakemouth Den Rumors say that during Elizant I's rule, roaches that lived in Snakemouth Den were faced with a sudden demise.

In one night, all the roaches that lived there were gone, and fungi monsters appeared.
Expeditions sent have always suffered losses, so the search for the reason was put on hold.
Snakemouth Den is rumored to be a host to many Ancient Crystals. Could that be the cause?

A Brief History of Bees The bees are close allies with the Ants, and came in shortly after Elizant I settled down in these lands.

While they used to make honey themselves, technological advancements made robotic drones slowly take over the honey's production.
Many bees of the newer generation, barring scholars, do not fully understand how to make it.
Their society is mostly composed of females, with males residing in the Queen's chambers.

A Brief History of Wasps Although they've been around long before Elizant I's arrival, the Wasps live just outside of Bugaria. This, the Ants hold the title of first settlers.

They control most of the northern territory composing of the Far Grasslands
and Wild Swamplands, and will attack anyone they catch intruding.
Due to a history of internal conflict, even the young are well-versed in military tactics and combat.

A Brief History of Termites The Termites, like the Wasps, lived in these lands before Elizant I, and like them, live just outside Bugaria.

An isolationist society, they say the Termites were close allies of the Roaches and as such possess advanced technology within their dome.
Unlike Bees and Ants, the Termites possess both male and female soldiers and workers in their society.
They are also very good builders and know how to use clay well.

The Roaches The roaches are the oldest of the bugs that rose after what they call the Day of Awakening.

Having mastered the art of crystals, their civilization rose on top of this abundant power source.
However, they suddenly disappeared. Many have speculated on the reason.
Popular sentiment is some sort of civil war must've led their civilization to crumble.
Personally, I doubt it. Surely some would have remained, then?
If some roaches did survive, they live far from Bugaria. Perhaps not even they would know of what their ancestors did.

The Lost Art of Flight History tells of insects soaring the sky, covering great distances.

Nowadays only the bees, wasps, and a few lesser species seem to retain that privilege.
Even so, most bugs continue to possess wings.
Day to day life doesn't quite need flight, so perhaps we as a collective have evolved past it.
Could it be, that one day bees will not flap their wings any longer?

Mantid Claws? According to data found in ancient roach slabs, mantises used to have claws instead of hands before the Day of Awakening.

What a weird way to live, how would they be able to hold stuff to make art, or even cook nowadays? Thinking about it, this might be why they have an affinity for sharp tools. Fascinating. Some lesser mantids and mimics still have claws instead of hands. Such a pity.

Ancient Crystals Many crystals exist around the world, filled with a mysterious power.

The old roaches learned how to harness their magic, and crystals are now used as power sources for many machinery and other things.
No current side effects from crystal exposure are known, making them relatively safe.
Some children's tales mention that sometimes sounds can be heard from them if in a quiet enough place. Probably fake.
Archaeologists say these crystals appeared at the same time the Day of Awakening started, suggesting a link between them and that event.

Family Structures Bugs can be classified in two types: Social, and loners.

Social bugs usually have a single Queen, the mother of the colony.
Although all individuals are siblings, they do not tend to see it that way.
Some individuals grow closer to others by choice, creating their own small "family cell".
Social bugs are separated into workers or civilians.
Workers are born to protect and take care of running the colony.
Workers take their job very seriously and will fulfill their duties the best they can.
Recently, some workers have rebelled to lead a loner life. This too, could be an evolution?
Civilians form family bonds more easily, and care for the general well-being of their colony
It should be noted that social bugs referring to their Queen as "mother" is considered a taboo.
The Queen, however, has freedom to call others their children.

Bugarian Honey Something about the pollen collected from Bugarian flowers causes the honey produced here to be super sweet, but also super volatile

If the honey is mixed too thick or heated up too much, it becomes alive and turns into a being called an "Abomihoney"
Scientists are still trying to figure out what causes the honey to turn into these beasts.
Many tests point towards crystal fragments in the plants of Bugaria being the culprit, but there's no conclusive proof.

Berries as Currency It is unknown how long bugs have been using these specific types if berries as currency, but it is a very effective method.

Hard, long lasting and very bitter, these berries are almost never eaten for their horrible taste. Their small size is perfect for carrying them around, too!
There have been recorded cases of some bugs actually enjoying eating these berries, but almost no one can stomach their taste.

Dark Cherries There are some rare berries in Bugaria that are worth a lot. A LOT! We call them Dark Cherries.

A red counterpart has been found in the Eastern Lands, but due to how common they are, they aren't as sought after.
The dark variants strangely seem to only grow underground. meanwhile, the red ones grow in tall trees...
In any case, some bugs have a keen sense of smell for Dark Cherries. They're hired to find them so that they may be sold to collectors.

The Era of Deceit After the Day of Awakening, not all bugs stood equal in society.

Many ants, bees, wasps and others failed to evolve with the rest.
Many long disputes and frustration occured because of this.
Thankfully, with the passing of time, all bugs experienced the Awakening.

Youngling Care Since the Day of Awakening we mature faster, but out infant stage is still critical.

There can be events where the caterpillar or grub stages get interrupted, causing unforeseen consequences.
If one is not careful, the youngling can turn into a dangerous lesser bug!
Nurseries must be protected and treasured at all costs, so that our future generations don't suffer such a fate.

A Study of Magic Magic is uncommon, and few bugs are able to use it. Some bees theorize that crystal exposure can grant magic powers, but testing yearns no fruit.

A legendary wizard that lived in these lands used to experiment with crystals to learn their magic properties.
But he suddenly disappeared, and all knowledge of how crystals relate to magic disappeared with him.
Rumors have said that he might be living in the Far Grasslands, but no traces of him have been located.

The Mother Crystal Deep underground below the Forsaken Lands, it is said a massive crystal resides.

Said crystal might be linked to why Bugaria is such a have in this area.
The ancient Roach texts suggest it fell from the heavens during the Day of Awakening, piercing the earth.
They said the crystal's aura protects Bugaria from the outside world's great peril.
Some say that it is tied to Goddess Venus, the local deity of the Golden Settlement.
Although, personally, I would prefer not to speculate using local folklore.
Further study is necessary, but the Termites prohobit anyone from digging under the Forsaken Lands.
Until relations between the kingdoms improve, reaching the crystal is currently impossible.

The Dead Lands The gigantic feral beasts that surround Bugaria... it's uncanny how we've gotten used to them.

Elizant I braved the Dead Lands, riddled with those creatures, to ensure our peace.
Although Bugaria is protected by the Mother Crystal...
I struggle to write when I think of what could happen should that crystal lose its power.

The Northern Kingdom Far beyond the swamplands lay the Northern Kingdom, home to mostly many kind of beetles.

They are very traditionalist and hold honor above all else, however many travel to Bugaria to escape the Dead Lander's attacks.
The trip to Bugaria is hard enough. But the north houses the swamps, filled with more dangerous creatures.
To avoid the Wasps' hostility, most take the long route around their kingdom. It's the most insane of trips.
True, the lives of the northeners isn't an easy one...

The Eastern Lands To the far east of Bugaria, lay the Dead Lands we fear so much.

Monsters everywhere, and a feeling of utter dread.
Who knows how, but I braved through the odds. Eventually, I reached the Eastern Kingdom.
It is so different compared to Bugaria... It has many exotic fruits and materials that cannot be found in our kingdom.
Many of its denizens live in a very closed community that shuns outsiders.
The only exception to this seems to be a rare species of bug that resembles fruits.
Although friendly, other Eastern bugs appear to stay clear of them. Is their smell too sweet?
If I don't make it back to Bugaria, I'm glad I got to meet them...

The Giants Every day, more ancient artifacts pop up.

Given their size and unknown purpose, scholars believe "Giants" roamed these lands.
They could have existed all over the known world, in giant kingdoms to protect them from the Dead Lands.
When the "Day of Awakening" happened, the Giants must have vanished. Only their artifacts remain.
There's no way to know, is there? Maybe they caused the awakening themselves.
Perhaps they fell to the Dead Lands, or created them themselves.
Maybe someday they will return to reclaim their old home? Maybe they have left for another world?
I'm a bug of facts, but even I am reduced to daydreaming about their fate.
At least we have their monuments, showing us glimpses of days past.

The Day of Reckoning The following cannot be confirmed, having been retrieved from a book in a Roach Village's ruins.

According to a book written by Rodrick the Roach Scholar...
What we call the "Day of Awakening", the Roaches called the "Day of Reckoning".
It was an event where they "woke up to the world."
They share our belief that before that day, we were not different from the lesser bugs amongst us.
A cataclysm happened suddenly, which banished the once fabled Giants to another world. Only bugs and some creatures were left in this world.
After said cataclysm, the roaches became sentient, giving birth to civilisation.
Other books by Rodrick mention fires raining down from the sky and destroying the earth.
Expeditions have not found creaters or traces of such a disaster.
Its constant mention in Roach texts suggests it was a big part of their culture.
Or could it be a religious creation myth?
Rodrick...were you lying? How are we supposed to find out!? Curses...
I'll keep this book hidden away, until I can find the truth.
I'll head into the Eastern Lands once more, if I have to.