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Leif is, in fact, much older than he appears. He is not familiar with many of the newer changes to Bugaria, both politically and technologically.

Before DeathEdit

Before dying, Leif lived in the Ant Kingdom under the rule of the first Queen Elizant. He lived with his wife, Muse, who he has described as being "loud, confident and outgoing... kinda like Vi", and his father. As part of a scouting team under the Queen, he fell into the depths of Snakemouth Den and was trapped for at least a full generation--the exact time is uncertain. This time resulted in his exposure to magical crystals, which is what gave him his inexplicable ice magic.

After DeathEdit

"I'm not Leif exactly, but we're still Leif."
Leif, the moth, is dead. At some point in the past, before being destroyed, a hidden Roach laboratory in upper Snakemouth Den created an advanced colony of cordyceps fungus which they then discarded as a failure This cordyceps survived by inhabiting Leif's body, inheriting his memories and granting his ice powers. "Leif" is indeed we, though in the end--as his friends are fast to point out and assure him--who or what he might have been doesn't change what they think of him or who he is now.


  • According to concept art, before his death, Leif was a light red, similar in hue to Muze's Dad. But due to his death and being exposed to the crystals, he turned blue by the time Vi and Kabbu entered Snakemouth.
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