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Leafbug Ninja is an enemy encountered in the Wild Swamplands. When any other Leafbugs in the battle are damaged, it will gain one attack charge, up to a max of three.

When it is alone in battle, it'll create two other decoy clones. These clones die in one hit and the original must be attacked to defeat the Leafbug Ninja.

If the Leafbug Ninja has a charge when it creates clones, it will still be flashing various colors when it and the clones move to their positions. By following the movement of the flashing ninja, one can see which ninja is real and which are clones.

Spy Logs
Bestiary The most cunning of the Leafbugs, the ninja faction hides in plain sight while hunting prey. Using methods modern science still cannot comprehend, they are able to clone themselves. The clones have mass and can cause damage, yet disappear upon being hit. There is a reward posted for any researcher who manages to replicate the technique.
Kabbu I was hoping to avoid such a confrontation... Everyone! These Leafbugs are extremely skilled! Not only do they hold powerful strikes, they can even multiply! We'll have to hit many of them at once!
Vi Eep! Oi, don't just come out of nowhere! And stop kicking me! Kabbu said they can clone or whatever... Doesn't matter. I'll just beat them all up!
Leif Nice moves. Kinda wish we could double ourselves too. We're kind of in a hurry, so it'd be best to freeze them all simultaneously.


  • Leafbug Ninjas were first revealed in the November Roundup.
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