Leafbug Clubber is an enemy encounter in the Far Swamplands. Like other Leafbugs, they'll get a stackable Charge each time you damage another Leafbug.

Leafbug Clubbers have high HP, defense and hard hitting attacks. They can either walk up to a bug and hit them with their club after a brief wind-up or leap into the middle of the party while swinging their club, damaging everyone. If left alone, they'll start dealing 1 more point of damage with all of their attacks.

Like with other Leafbugs, you want to either deal with them quickly or incapacitate them with effects like Freeze. Because of their high HP, high damage attacks and tendency to be at the front of enemies formation, you should focus fire the Leafbug Clubber to bring them down quickly.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary Possessing enough strength to topple branches, the clubber faction forms the frontline of the Leafbugs. They are cocky and proud, constantly demanding payment for every little thing they do. Even when denied, they're all too happy to fight and show off.
Vi "Grrr... Don't go thinking you're strong just cuz you can lift a big stick! It's all about technique! Time to show 'em what real skills look like!"
Kabbu "Hmph. The cocky energy I feel from this enemy is appalling.I'll make sure to tank their hubris and give my team the chance to strike!"
Leif "What are they doing with that club? Did they just taunt us?...We'll see if they don't regret it after we're done with them."

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