Leafbug Archer is an enemy encountered in the Wild Swamplands.When any other Leafbugs in the battle are damaged, it will gain one attack charge, up to a max of three

Leafbug Archers attack by firing arrows, either directly at a single bug, or high into the air for them to land on a marked position 2 turns later, hitting the bug at that position. If they're left alone and on low HP, Leafbug Archers will call for help, bringing another Leafbug into the fight.

Bestiary The archer faction is the most territorial of the Leafbugs, firing a volley of arrows at any who approach them. Sometimes they get too into their job, and accidentally fire upon their allies. No one dares complain, lest they get shot again.
Kabbu Ngh, what powerful arrows! They make focusing on the enemy before me much more difficult. Vi, Leif, I trust you to deal with them while I clear out the rest! Watch out for reinforcements!
Vi Bring it on! It's bow vs. Beemerang! A super long-range battle! They hurt a lot but look wimpy... Maybe we should focus on them first before they call for help!
Leif That bow's no joke, it's packing quite the sting. Maybe we can freeze its string. They're definitely annoying enough that it's worth focusing them down. Let's get on it, Vi, before they call for backup.

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