Krawlers are robotic constructs built by the Roaches. If attacked by ice moves in battle, Sand Krawlers will turn into Ice Krawlers. Outside of battle, Sand Krawlers will become Ice Krawlers while inside one of the circles of ice magic found in the Ancient Castle.

There are also Fire variants found exclusively in Giant's Lair

The ice variant is weak to Kabbu's attacks.

An artificial entity created to defend the Lost Sand's castle. Designed to adapt to any temperature, their weaponry applies different effects based on the environment. Attempts to engineer one from scratch in modern times have failed.

What a fascinating creature. It reminds me of the factory's Mender bots! It changes behavior depending on the temperature... Its ice version is weak to my horn! We must make sure to take note of which attacks are causing more damage!

Is that a bug or a bot? It's mega weird. It even changes color when it's cold! I wonder if that makes it weaker to Kabbu's hits... I think my Beemerang's always gonna work, though!

That crystal... Could it be like those inside us? We should bring a piece to H.B. The temperature affects it quite a bit. We'll toy around with it...see what works. Kabbu's horn is worth a shot in the cold.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They appeared in the 2018 October roundup, where their ability of altering their elements and freezing the team members were revealed.
  • Krawler's name is a play on 'Crawler'.
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