Kina is the overprotective sister of Maki, as well as one half of Team Maki. She is always following her brother, unless he manages to sneak away from her.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Like most mantises, she is very tall and slender. Her body is primarily cherry pink with red legs and a pale red abdomen. Her eyes, too, are red and feature pupils, a trait common with mantises. Around her neck is a magenta scarf. Unique only to her, her antennae are curled into a heart shape.

Kina is normally reserved, polite and caring, especially towards her brother. She shows concern whenever her brother goes missing. However, she is also known to harbor quite the short-fused temper, as seen when Leif bluntly suggests Maki went missing to get some space from her; a sentiment she did not take with jest.

Story Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

After Maki hands out an explorer's permit to Team Snakemouth, Kina appears and urges Maki to go somewhere. Kina and Maki are not seen again for the remainder of the chapter.

Chapter 5 Edit

After the Wasp King attacks the Ant Kingdom City, Kina stays back at Defiant Root with Yin.

Chapter 7 Edit

Kina supports the Team Maki with their travel in Giant's Lair, but unlike Maki, she is purely an NPC here. She also takes care of Yin there.

Post Game Edit

Kina helps Team Snakemouth driving away the Leafbugs while Yin morphs into a moth. After that, she can be fought in front of Anthill Palace.

Battle Stats Edit

Kina is fought alongside Maki and Yin as an optional boss in the game. Unlike most bosses in the game, her stats aren't changed by the Hard Mode Medal, and both are very high. She mainly attacks by throwing needles at one of the party members, with some of them being poisonous needles; or to jump on one of the party members. Sometimes she does a combo with Kina as well. Hitting Maki while Kina isn't stunned will cause her to get a charge, which can make her attacks - espeically the needle ones - very dangerous. She will also get up with 10 HP when Yin is defeated after her defeat.

Like all Spy Logs suggest, a good command of Super Block is very helpful when fighting her. It is generally advised to take her down first, as hitting or defeating her does not have any downsides like boosting anyone's attack.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary Extremely protective of her brother Maki, Kina forms the second half of Bugaria's best exploration team. She is extremely capable and holds great strength. She is quite selfish, however. One would be hard-pressed to find her helping others without Maki or the Queen's orders. She used to hold a great dislike for Yin, who she considered to be stealing Maki's attention. Her favorite drink is the Aphid Shake.
Vi "W-Whoa, I thought Kina was just getting carried by Maki all this time! She's super fast! It's gonna take some practice, but if we're gonna take this beating then we've gotta Super Block!"
Kabbu "The bonds between Maki and Kina are true indeed. They fight perfectly coordinated! There's too much pressure... We must Super Block if we are to endure this battle!"
Leif "Yikes. Why was Maki even worried about you? Your skills are something else... It'll take time to knock out one of them. We'll have to make our best effort to Super Block until then."

Trivia Edit

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