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Kali is found in Defiant Root. She is a very talented seamstress that comes from another region to Bugaria. By doing the Stolen Item quest, Vi stumbles into her vase and breaks it, enraging her into possessing Kabbu, triggering a battle. In this battle, Kabbu will constantly attack the team, while Kali giving him support by healing him or boosting his stats. Finishing Kali off will instantly win the battle. After that, Kali calms down and forgives the team, but still warns the team not to break any items (especially the repaired vase) in her shop afterwards.

Spy Logs
Bestiary A talented seamstress who owns a shop in Defiant Root, Kali came from a foreign land to Bugaria to sell her homemade wares. They are very popular amongst tourists that pass through the settlement. She is also well known for her exotic dancing, something she learned in her homeland. This dance is able to boost people's morale no matter what, making her a dazzling partner who supports her allies with various boosts. She tends to panic and surrender when she's targeted, though. She can't risk damaging her hands!
Kabbu I'd rather not say much about her...
Vi I'm sorry about the vase, but you're going too far! Give Kabbu back! Maybe if I knock her around a bit, she'll stop dancing and start listening!
Leif Vi's put us in a real jam. Kali's more formidable than we ever expected. Doesn't help she's boosting poor Kabbu. We should put an end to that.


Kali, while is indeed talented, cares more about her works and possessions than others' feelings. She likes showing off the things she has with others.

Battle Information

During the battle with her, she does not have any offensive skills, but instead just keep boosting Kabbu's skills by raising his ATK or DEF, giving him a temporary charge, healing him for 5 HP, and reviving him with 11/9 HP when he is defeated.


Given that she will continually revive Kabbu upon his defeat, Team Snakemouth will want to focus on damaging her, only occasionally dealing with Kabbu's stats when they get too high for Team Snakemouth to handle.


  • When you defeat Kali first, the battle will conclude, with Kabbu keeping his injured animation in the place.
  • Kali and Kabbu can be fought with a full team in B.O.S.S. Kabbu will have a unique dialogue when spying Kali or himself there.
  • Kali's name is a corruption of "bombykol," the pheromone released by female silkworm moths to attract mates.

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