Kabbu Kabbu (enemy)

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Kabbu as an enemy is fought during the battle with Kali in her shop in Defiant Root when doing the quest Stolen Item. His attacks are identical to the ally version of himself, being composed of a few skills such as Dash Through, Taunt, Pebble Toss. If Kali is defeated and Kabbu is not, the battle will still end. After being knocked out, Kali will revive Kabbu with 6 HP on the next turn.

An unfortunate battle caused by very alluring pheromones. Kabbu would prefer it never be spoken of again.

...I can't believe I did that...

You're in big trouble, Kabbu! I'm super mad!...B-But I don't wanna hurt you! I need to think of another way!

Tch. Chemistry be darned. Kali! This trick is beyond despicable! Kabbu's...our friend. We must seek an alternative to this.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kabbu's Spy on himself can only be read in-battle in the B.O.S.S., wherein he expresses embarrassment at his brief change-of-allegience
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