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Kabbu Kabbu (enemy)

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I have a promise I must fulfill. And so, I wish to explore.
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Kabbu is one of the three protagonists in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. He is the initial member of the party, and thus the leader of Team Snakemouth. As such it can be argued that he is the main protagonist.


Kabbu is a beetle that traveled to Bugaria from the Northern Lands. During this journey, he met many hardships. Kabbu moved to Bugaria one moon prior to the events of the game. Before meeting Vi at the Explorers' Association at the start of the game, Kabbu had a brief stay in Defiant Root, where he met Mayor and Professor Neolith.


As he is the only rainbow scarab beetle to appear in the game, it is unknown how many similarities he has to the rest of his species. He is primarily emerald green with a grey torso and large dark green wings that he uses mainly as a cape. On his shoulders are a pair of white pincers and atop his head is a large green horn.


Kabbu is level-headed, chivalrous and brave while also acting as a selfless friend. As a "Veteran of the North", he is knowledgeable in combat and survival skills, which helped him in his travel to Bugaria before meeting Vi. He is also shown to be extremely loyal to those he cares about, as he traveled all the way to Bugaria to fulfill a promise he made to someone. Despite his good heart and intentions, he is quite talkative to the point where Vi has to ask him to stop from time to time. Regardless, he is respected by his teammates and is proud of his position as the leader of Team Snakemouth.

In truth, what appears to be a brave and loyal beetle willing to help people at no cost, lies within a broken soul, hiding a heavy burden that weighs on his shoulders. This can be hinted with a feeling of sadness when he is the only one in the team to be in an awkward situation, or a feeling of distress when one of his friends is put in critical danger. But overall, Kabbu remains one of the most courageous and kind-hearted members of the team with a strong will to help other people in his surroundings, even if it's only for the good cause.


In the field, Kabbu is able to use his horn to hit switches, cut bushes and attack enemies. It was revealed in the v0.6 Quick Update video that he would eventually learn the ability to dig underground to bypass obstacles.

In battle, Kabbu acts as the party's brute force fighter, having the highest base HP of any character. He is able to pierce enemy defenses to a certain degree and flip certain enemies to lower their defense, but is unable to hit flying enemies or enemies at the back with basic attacks. He can taunt foes to target him while an ally recovers or charges up, hit enemies from underground and ram through them for great AoE damages.



  • Prior to v0.5, Kabbu's name was Beetle.
  • Initially, Kabbu's species was simply "Beetle". Eventually, it was changed to rainbow scarab beetle when similarities between him and the insect became more apparent.[1]
  • In the demo version, Dash Through is named Horn Dash and is learned at Rank 3.
  • According to Mar, the programmer and animator for the game, Kabbu is in his early twenties.[2]
  • According to Tristan, the composer for the game, Kabbu was supposed to have his own theme with its own sad remix, similarly to Leif, but the developers couldn't agree on what it was supposed to feel like, so they ended up putting it on hold until later, and then outright cutting it due to its low priority.[3]
  • According to Genow, one of the main creators and lead writer for the game, Kabbu's birthday would be February 14th, which is Valentine's day. [4]
  • Kabbu's Beetle Horn appears as an item in the Abomi Nation crossover with Bug Fables.


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