Jumping Spider is a spider enemy encountered in the Far Grasslands.

True to it's name, both of it's attacks involve jumping on party members. It can either do a series of small hops before landing on a bug, stealing an item like Bandits do on a failed block, or jumping high into the air before landing on a single bug for higher damage.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary Playful and elusive, the Jumping Spider bounces around the grasslands while avoiding its many predators. Its hobbies include grabbing things, eating bugs, and jumping. Lots of jumping. Despite its mobility, it preys on stationary targets.
Vi "Oi! Stop jumping on me! Do you think I'm a springshroom!? And give me my stuff back! It's expensive! Grr...I'll flip you over with a Hurricane Toss!"
Kabbu "How pitiful... So many legs, and yet you only jump! Well, and steal. I must make sure our inventory remains safe!"
Leif "Tch. We can't aim properly against this jumping nuisance. Kabbu, make sure to keep it away from our items. Still, we're thankful this thieving pest is nothing like Snakemouth's Spider..."

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