"Huh. Mushrooms get crazier by the day." ― Moth

The Jellyshroom is a mushroom and jellyfish hybrid with the ability to fly. They are especially vulnerable to Moth's ice attacks.

Jellyshrooms are usually found floating around Snakemouth Den, but can also appear under the guise of a mushroom. You can tell which mushrooms are jellyshrooms because they don't have the glowing light under them.

The party first encounters a hidden jellyshroom in the area before the large door in Snakemouth Den, revealing its presence to ambush the party, but is interrupted by Moth's ice magic.

Tattle Log Edit

  • 'Data on this species is anecdotal, as it's a new organism discovered by a trio of explorers in Snakemouth Den. It camouflages itself as a regular mushroom, and attacks any nearby beings it feels threatened by.'
  • 'Cripes, is that a flying mushroom? This cave does some weird stuff to things... I'll knock it out of the air!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'By the queen... what an abomination. I cannot hurt this beast while it is airborne. Bee, would you lend me your strength?' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'Huh, Mushrooms get crazier by the day. Although some of our skills could finish it quickly... Bee, save us some TP.' (Moth's Spy)