Jellyshrooms are mushroom-jellyfish hybrids capable of flight. They are especially vulnerable to Leif's ice attacks.

Jellyshrooms are usually found floating around Snakemouth Den, sometimes disguised as a mushroom. You can tell which mushrooms are Jellyshrooms by checking if the glowing light under them is missing.

Team Snakemouth first encounters a Jellyshroom when it ambushes them in the room before the large door room in Snakemouth Den, which causes Leif to cast an ice spell, freezing it.

Data on this species is anecdotal, as it's a new organism discovered by a trio of explorers in Snakemouth Den. It camouflages itself as a a regular shroom, and it attacks nearby beings it feels threatened by.

By the Queen...! What an abomination. I cannot hurt this beast while it is airborne. Vi, would you lend me your strength?

Cripes, is that a flying Mushroom? This cave does some weird stuff to things... I'll knock it out of the air!

Huh. Mushrooms get crazier by the day. Although some of our skills could finish it off quickly... Vi, help save us some TP.

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