Jaune is Vi's sister. She is an artist who paints arts for the Bee Queen in the Bee Kingdom.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Jaune is a tall light-orange bee with a blue artist hat, brown eyes and a paintbrush that replaces the stinger. Her antennas are also curled in a spiral-like shape.

As one of the painters who makes arts for the queen, Jaune is very hardworking and ambitious. She doesn't like to be disturbed by others when creating arts.

Comparing to her sister, Jaune is more mature and rational. At first, when Vi insulted her arts (calling her like Weevil), she is mean to Vi and does not want to forgive her just because of her adventures in Honey Factory. However, when Vi gets the Red Paint and actually apologizes for her rudeness in the past, Jaune begins to understand Vi and eventually makes up with her, and also paints a picture (called 'Bonds thicker than Honey' by herself') despite being busy with the Queen's one. After that, she allows the team to rest at her art room for free.



  • Jaune appeared in the v1.0 demo. Her relationship with Vi was unknown, and she was the only painter of Bee Kingdom at that time. She teaches the team the secondary field abilities in that demo, although only Bee Fly is used.
  • "Jaune" is a French word, which means "yellow." She's named after color, same as her sister Violet.
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