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It's Too Hot! is a quest in Bug Fables. It can be accepted from a quest board after starting Chapter 4. The reward can be 50 Berries and the Reflection medal, 30 Berries, or 15 Berries for giving the Leaf Umbrella, Shell Ointment, or Magic Ice, respectively. If the Leaf Umbrella is not used to complete the quest, the Reflection medal can be bought from the Traveling Caravan instead.

How to Complete

Talk to Eremi. Complete Butler Missing Again! and talk to Madeleine in her house next to the Explorers' Association to obtain the Leaf Umbrella. Give Eremi the Leaf Umbrella for the best reward. Alternatively, give her Shell Ointment or Magic Ice.


Helping hand.png Helping Hand
Finish all Quests.
Medal collector.png Medal Collector
Collect all Medals.
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